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How many field types exist?

Why should I use profile field type Dependent field?

It converts any profile field (for example an alphanumeric code) to any output (for example readable text).

This field type is not editable for users.

A dependent field can not depend on a cascade select or another dependent field.

Special configuration

Navigate to the Depending on section.

First, select an existing field which your new field will depend on.

Then, in the left field, enter the value of the dependee (the existing field).

In the right field, enter the value of the dependent (the new field you are creating).

Click on the + button to the right.

Optional: Add more dependencies and follow the steps above. Remember that all dependencies you add refer to the one profile field you selected above.

Please note: Dependent fields update automatically when the dependees change. Unfortunately it can happen that this does not work in single cases. 

To fix dependent field values for all users you can run the LUP: Bulk profile update (dependent fields) job.

To do this go to the "Scheduled Jobs" section in Confluence administration. There you need to run LUP: Bulk profile update (dependent fields).

Use wildcards and logical operators to create more complex filters

Why should I use wildcards and logical operators?

Because the source format can take on multiple values, you have to add wildcards and logical operators in the menu structure, if you plan to use this for the personalization of the menu. You can get more info on wildcards and logical operators here

This page was last edited on 10/02/2023.