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The documentation for versions 2.21 and older can be found here.

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How many field types exist?

Currently, thirteen field types exist.

Those field types are:

Text input

Multiline text


Multi select

Cascade select

Date input (old)

Date input (new)

User select

Phone number

Instant Messenger

Language select

Country select

Retrieved from LDAP

Dependent field

What are the benefits of the profile field type Select ?

The select field allows users to pick a single value out of a drop down menu.

Special configuration

In the section Field options, you can add options to the dropdown menu.

In the left field, enter the name of the option (for example: "Yes, I agree to be photographed.").

Then, click on the + button.

To re-order the options, click on the six dots button to the left of an option and re-position it via drag & drop. To delete an option, click on the delete button.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.