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How many field types exist?

Why should I use profile field type user select ?

This profile type allows users to select and link one single other Confluence user.

This field has an autocomplete function. Type in the name and select the correct user from the dropdown menu.

Perfect to display a superior or a product owner inside a Scrum team. Or just a best buddy, if you feel like it.

To remove a selected user, click on the x next to their name. You can then search for other users.

Do you use an Active Directory?

When importing values into user select profile fields, make sure that the directory attribute contains the user reference as a DN (distinguished name).

The distinguished name (DN) usually has a format like this: cn=user,dc=domain,dc=name.

If a display name (clear name) is used, functions depending on the user select profile field won't work.

This page was last edited on 10/02/2023.