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Linchpin User Profiles - Overview

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App on the Atlassian Marketplace

As an user:

Ask your administrator for the version of Linchpin User Profiles App.

As an administrator:

You find the version number in the administration section (Administration > Manage add-ons > Linchpin User Profiles)

See the documentation for your Release

Key Features

  • Let your Confluence users create a meaningful profile and build your expert network and people directory. This way your employees can get to know each other effortlessly and work together more efficiently.

  • Upload and crop your avatar and profile picture and limit the size of user profile pictures to take the load off your server.

  • Display org charts in the respective profile.

  • Fill in a user's profile either from a user directory or by the user themselves in Confluence. So you can have directory users and "Confluence-only" users at the same time. When an LDAP attribute is configured for a profile field and the user exists in the directory, the user is not allowed to edit the profile field within Confluence.

  • Add a separate user directory to complete your user profiles. Your Confluence user directory will not be affected, only LUP will pull from it.

  • Use the extended customizable user search, complete with customizable and filterable presentation of the search results. Allows you to easily build customized searches: Expert Finder, Specific Contact Search, and many more.

  • Mark your favorite contacts for quick access to all important contact details and group your favorite contacts.

  • Link profile categories to Confluence user groups to ensure that every user sees only relevant categories.

  • Import user data via XML, and you can also import your users' data via an XML file on your Confluence server.

  • Configure text fields and the profile picture to be written back into the user directory.

  • Direct links to your XMPP-based messenger.

  • Skype For Business presence status: Let your users know if their contacts are reachable via Skype. Please note: There are technical prerequisites you should check.

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