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Enhanced Filtering

Some plugins allow personalization of content based on a user's profile information. This is useful for making your intranet more relevant to each single user, because there's less irrelevant clutter for his or her daily work, and important information is easily accessible. 

Oftentimes a simple filtering argument is sufficient: If <field name> matches <value>, show <information>. The plugin administrations offer simple interfaces for entering those arguments:

App Center offers the possibility to recommend apps to users whose profile information matches certain criteria.
The Enterprise News Bundle lets you create complex news sections, so users are presented only the most relevant news. This also is based on the users' profile information.


In these examples we used a very simple statement: department = IT. For a lot of cases this is sufficient. But often enough you'll want to define a more complex personalization. 

Wildcards and logical operators

You can also use wildcards in addition to exact values. Using logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) you can also create more complex filters, e.g., to show an app suggestion to all users that don't have selected English as their Confluence language ("NOT en*").

Wildcard / Operator
blankmatches any value 
?matches a single characterC?O 
matches CEO and CTO , but not C3PO
*matches 0 or more charactersen* 
matches en , en_GB , en_US, but not de_DE or men
ORLogical 'or' operatoren_GB OR fr_FR 
matches en_GB and fr_FR , but not de_DE
ANDLogical 'and' operatoren* AND *GB 
matches all values that start with en and end with GB
NOTLogical 'not' operatoren* AND NOT en_US 
matches all values that start with en except en_US


Filter constraints

Due to the "Wildcards and logical operators" it is not possible to use key words in filter attributes. As a workaround, replace the key words with the same number of "?" signs (or at least one of the letters of the word).

These keys are case sensitive, so "And" or "and" can be used in filters and have no operator function.

Filter Attribute
New York (State)New York ?State?( )
NOT for everybodyNO? for everybodyNOT
This OR ThatThis O? ThatOR


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