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How many field types exist?

What are the benefits of the profile field type Text input ?

This profile field type gives users the option to enter a single line of text.

Therefore, it is perfect in regard of personal information like hobbies or favorite food or work related information like special skills.

Users can also enter links to websites. Those links become clickable.

Special configuration


Check the Activate linking checkbox to enable this option.

Linking transforms a normal text field into a link. The entered URL will be shown in every user's profile. Links can not be edited by users.

To hide the link's URL, enter a cover name for the link in the link label field.

Static link

Static links are regular links (for example: to a fix web address.

Dynamic link

Links can also be dynamic. Dynamic, in this context, means that the content of the link changes, depending on the user.

You can create dynamic links with help of profile field placeholders. Every profile field has a key (for example: {confluence.position}). If this key is used as a placeholder inside a link, it will always change to the content which can be found in this field.


Let's say every position that can be found in your company has its own page in the "Positions" space. On those pages, users can find out more about their colleagues and their jobs.

Let's create a new text field with activated linking. The name of the text field is "Find out more about my role".

The link will look like this:{confluence.position}

Now, every time you click this link in a different profile, you will be linked to different pages, because the users' positions vary.

If you click this link inside a profile of a controller, the link will become

If you click this link inside a profile of a CEO, the link will become

This page was last edited on 10/02/2023.