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How many field types exist?

Why should I use profile field type instant messager?

It allows users to link their instant messenger account. Users will also be able to start a 1 on 1 chat right away if the instant messenger link is clicked.

Special configuration

First, choose the instant messenger protocol. Currently, we support XMPP and Skype for Business.

Next, enter the host/server of your choice (for example: Enter only the address, the @-sign will be added automatically.

If you do enter the host address, the user only needs to enter their username. If you decide to leave this field empty, the user will have to enter the full address (for example:

You can hide the user's input. To do so, enter the link text. Whatever you enter here will be displayed instead of the user's instant messenger username. You could for example enter "Chat with me" or "Message me" here.

If you have selected Skype for Business as the protocol, you can also activate the Show status slider button.

In this case, also enter the Skype for Business host/server name here.

Make sure to read our guide on Skype for Business integration to learn how to configure this profile field correctly.

Please note that the status icon only works with Skype for Business.

This page was last edited on 10/02/2023.