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How many field types exist?

Why should I use profile field type Country select?

This field type allows users to select a country from a complete list of all countries. Users can also select more than one country.

Please note that this field doesn't change language-related settings. This field is purely used for information purposes.

Use wildcards and logical operators to create more complex filters

Why should I use wildcards and logical operators?

Because the source format can take on multiple values, you have to add wildcards and logical operators in the menu structure, if you plan to use this for the personalization of the menu. You can get more info on wildcards and logical operators here

In the screenshots above you can see that the menu structure uses the wildcard "OR" to restrict the view for all people except those who have "USA OR Germany" written in their Profile in the Country category. Only for those people the menu "Berlin" is visible.

This page was last edited on 10/02/2023.