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Intranet projects are often big and confusing for customers. From our experience of many projects, we have created this table for you. It will help you define and take the next steps easily. No need to do everything at once. 

Steps that we view as essential for our customers are marked in red. If you would like our recommendation, let us know.
Intranet Project - Recommendations for structure and steps
Recommended actionFirst OrientationProject preparationOrder preparationProject implementationIntranet RolloutDescriptionInternal costsExternal costs
ExamplesPreparationAnalysis of requirementsCall for tenders     
Organization & Company structure
Evaluation of the requirements (Preparation of requirements definition)xxxx Before the actual project can start, internal requirements need to be determined and structured in a concept, in order to evaluate potential systems.  
Planning of guaranteed minimum capacitiesxxxx It is essential to have enough internal resources at hand for the intranet.  
Strategy Workshopxxxx Determination of a first outline for the project and definition of the "Low hanging fruits". Valuable goals, that can be reached with little effort.  
Use Case Workshopxxxx    
Audit (Content and Process analysis)xxxx    
Concept and Kickoff Workshop xxx    
Backlog Grooming (Determine Specifications) xxx    
Internally regulate Company News xxx    
Stakeholder Presentations (Reviews) xxxx   
User workshop  xxx   
Structure Workshop   x    
Design Workshop   x    
Trainer Workshop   xx   
Admin Workshop   xx   
Intranet Charta (Suggested Use)   xxDifferentiation to other systems  
Intranet Terms of Use (Security)   xx   
Ensure Privacy & Compliance   xx   
Regular archiving of old content   xx   
Certified Training for Users and Admins   xx   
Regular editorial review in service    x   
Top Management active in the System    x   
Cultural Steps
Get in touch with other usersxxxxx   
Instructions & documentation for usersxxxxx   
Understand collaboration (not E-Mails)xxxxx   
Support productive meeting culturexxxxx   
Poll with managementxxxxx   
Involve top managementxxx     
Support changing culturexxx     
Integrate enterprise communication in the projectxxxx    
Integrate IT in the projectxxxx    
Integrate employee representationxxxx    
Integrate employeesxxxx    
Establish and use Intranet Personas xxxx   
Polls with employees xxxx   
Post notice in entry way xxx    
Tangible Intranet (Megatouchscreen)  xxx   
Trailer video with preview / for new employees   xxExample  
Introduction sessions on site   xx   
Launch events   xx   
Gimmicks   xx   
Test access for interested beta users   x    
Tasks for beta users (Test, Feedback)   x    
Technical Steps
Select a technical platformxxx     
Provide a test instancexxx     
Install the systems   x    
Protected test system as Prototype (Pilot) xxx    
Technical infrastructure concept  xx    
Evaluate external hosting  xx    
Regulate internal system operation  xx    
Creation of a theme in your design  xxx   
Migration of existing data (from old system)  xxx   
Guarantee reliability (during use)  xxx   
Regulate software maintenance & updates  xxx   
Define compulsory SLAs  xxx   
Secure quick load times and scaling (Cluster)  xxx   
Evaluate and plan user statistics  xxx   
Configuration of plugins   xx   
Import and matching of user data with existing systems   xx   
Integration of existing systems (interfaces)   xx   
Single sign on (SSO)   xx   
Plan release and update cycles   xxDefine how often the intranet software should be updated. Release and update cycles need to be designed and planned.  


If you have any questions about the table, feel free to contact us. We gladly assist.

Intranet - Type of trainings offered to the end users and the estimated effort


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