//SEIBERT/MEDIA offers comprehensive user and IT support for the Linchpin intranet solution.

A dedicated support team will help with your questions and issues.

Service Details

This package includes first-level support for the following Atlassian applications:

  • One Confluence or Linchpin intranet instance

To access first-level support, you can send //SEIBERT/MEDIA an email or use the provided software tool. The support channel details shall be provided by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and agreed upon with you.

The following conditions apply to the services included in this package:

  • Service times: 9:00am to 5:00pm  except for public holidays in the state of Hesse, Germany, as well as 24 December and 31 December. 
  • Time zones: CET
  • SLA response times: 8 hours
  • SLA resolution time: Best effort

Services delivered outside of the conditions or applications listed above, are not part of this offer and are therefore excluded.

Duration and Price

€ 70,000 annually* for the standard Atlassian user support

This is a fixed price that includes all services; there are no additional support costs.

Payment is to be made annually and prior to the start of the support period.

The minimum term of this package is 12 months.

The notice period is three months before the package expires. Notice of termination must be submitted in writing to rechnung@seibert-media.net

Troubleshooting and Support


Our support team requires VPN and administrator access to your Confluence or Linchpin instance so that problems in the system can be quickly and easily investigated and resolved.

Support via helpdesk and chat

Contact with our support team is via helpdesk and chat. To use the chat we connect Confluence with chat software, which can be started via a button within the Confluence interface. The chat is browser-based and establishes contact with the responsible support staff. If this is not available, you can contact support by email.

Support via telephone

In some cases, it may be useful for your employees to be able to contact support by telephone. You can leave your telephone number and be called back by support if required.

Non-resolvable support requests

If a request cannot be resolved by our support team, perhaps due to a "Known Issue" in Confluence or a third-party app, or because it requires custom development, the support ticket will be closed with an appropriate message and the employee will be informed.

* All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

Link to this page: http://seibert.biz/linchpinsupportpackage

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