You need to get your project team on board fast. We will set up Confluence and Linchpin trainings for your tech people to enable them to support Confluence in a professional way so that you don't have to rely on us every time someone comes calling for Confluence. We will also give your project team a thorough training for Confluence and Linchpin so that they know the most important features and learn about the plugins central to your intranet. There should be no more than 8 people per training, but we will hold as many training sessions as you deem valuable.

We will also enable people in your company to give Confluence workshops to your people. While we cannot train everybody in your company on how to use Confluence, we can put you in a position to hold those workshops yourselves. We will give you all training material we have and teach you the didactics of good workshops, fine tuned in hundreds of training sessions around the globe.

This includes intensive training in the contents known from the user workshops as well as providing various materials, that you can use to internally train your employees.

The following agenda illustrates a typical Linchpin user workshop for beginners. At any point there will be an introduction to theory and a practical practice. We also address your individual questions and show you additional functions, that are not part of the standard program.

  • Presentation
  • Activation: Short group practices to activate the participants
  • Introduction to knowledge management with Linchpin
  • Basic functions (create and edit pages, add comments, macros, spaces, pages, attachments)
  • Control panels (tools, browse, user name)
  • Pages (renaming, copying, moving, deleting)
  • Links (links to internal and external pages, links to comments, links to external pages)
  • Search (suggestions, results, filter, data)
  • Office integration (importing Word documents, importing content of Word files, configuration, viewing Office files, editing Office files from Confluence)
  • Other (page restrictions, versioning, watching pages and spaces, favorites, personal space)
  • Open questions: Q & A with specified user questions regarding Linchpin and brainstorming, how to use Linchpin in your own team


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