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Fewer bugs, more compatibility.

New features

  • We are happy to introduce compatibility with the "Refined Theme" app.


  • Fixed a bug with the "Extranet Admin List" macro.
  • We improved the wording and fixed typos.



  • Removed deprecated code to prevent error logs


  • Fixed problems with Confluence safe mode

  • Fixed problems with SAML Single Sign On for Confluence



  • Fixed errors in the user visibility check component

  • Fixed problems with the site search combined with some third party apps



  • Fixed problems with the confluence watch function


  • Adjusted the error message for invalid usernames



  • To fix a problem with the "All Updates tab" of the Linchpin sidebar we have to hide this item in Space Privacy.

Please keep in mind that Confluence's "recently updated (dashboard)" macro is not fully compatible with space privacy.



  • Fixes problems with @-mentions and certain search terms (Lucene stop words)

  • Icon for visibility test displays correctly with Confluence 7.1+

  • Prevent creation of users if their name contains < or > (protects against potential XSS vulnerability)


  • OrgCharts (from Linchpin User Profiles) can now be accessed by all members of internal groups

  • Own profile now displays Network tab consistently

  • Reformulated text of welcome mail for granting access to extranet space


  • Fixes a bug with CQL search queries that contain an "order by" clause.
  • Better handling of @-mentions when an admin switches between spaces.


  • Secured new endpoints related to profile visibility and special profile actions.
  • Fixed a display issue with advanced Confluence search results and secured searches with an empty query.
  • Fixed a Microblog issue with posts containing @-mentions.


  • Group names can now contain special characters.
  • Patched data leak in search interface and profile image updates.
  • Introduced compatibility with Org Chart feature of Linchpin User Profiles.


  • We're happy to announce Confluence 7 compatibility!
Please note, that this version does not contain any further fixes or features.
If you are not using Confluence 7, there is no need to update.


  • Redirect anonymous users to the login when opening a personal space instead of a 404 page.
  • We improved validation errors when an admin creates a user.


  • We fixed problems with Personal Spaces and anonymous user.


  • We fixed problems with the "Recently Updated Dashboard" macro.


  • Added compatibility with the new space directory introduced in Linchpin Theme Plugin version 2.16.


  • We fixed problems with custom filters.
  • We fixed a bug with Refined Theme's activity stream.


  • Removed user avatar updates from search results.
  • Removed potentially sensitive content from the Refined Theme dashboard.
  • Show "Extranet Admin List" macro for all users


The "Who Sees Who" release.

New features

  • You can now check visibilities inside the extranet (can "user A" see "user B"?)
  • You can now manage all extranets in your instance.
  • We introduce a new macro which shows all admins in an extranet space.


  • We enhanced the security of Linchpin User Profiles' user search endpoints.


  • We fixed problems which concerned Confluence links from e-mails.
  • We fixed various errors in single mode.


The compatibility release.

  • We are happy to announce Confluence 6.14 compatibility.


The mention improvement release.

New features

  • We added the possibility to create a support file which includes most of the Space Privacy settings you took. This will help us to help you faster!


  • The issue with mentioning users with common names in Confluence 6.7 and lower has been fixed.


The cleanup release.

  • An extranet space manager is a user manager with space administrator permissions. These permissions will be removed if the extranet space manager is unassigned from an extranet.


The easy administration release.

New features

  • You can now define the administration roles when converting a space to an extranet space.
  • Space Privacy is Data Center ready now.


  • We have simplified the app administration with shortened explanations and reorganized configuration settings.
  • If the directory check was unsuccessful, it will now tell you what needs to be done.
  • Default administration roles are set even when users with "Create space" permission create extranet spaces. Previously, those roles were only set when an administrator created the extranet space.


  • There should be no more duplicated entries within the administration roles, when a user or a group has been added multiple times.


Space Privacy is now more robust towards user directory changes.

  • Correct handling of deactivated users.
  • Error on JIRA Authentication in activity stream.
  • Correct filtering for mentions in the Microblogging for Confluence (3.4.10).


We adjusted group visibilities for internal users.

  • Internal users see more groups in non-extranet spaces.
  • Default space permissions are removed on extranet creation.
  • Performance improvements for the IndexLdapUsersJob.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with newer Team Calendars versions.


Huge performance boost for the people directory and full search, for enterprise-sized instances where Space Privacy was unusable.


  • The people directory works correctly with large numbers of users.
  • The full search works correctly with large numbers of extranet spaces.
  • Pagination in the people directory and full search works as intended.


  • Problems with Internet Explorer 11 and Confluence < 6.7.
  • Issues with Confluence Questions vote function.
  • Search with double quotes may lead to query error.
  • Quicksearch shows restricted users in Confluence 6.9.

Compatibility note

At the moment we are not fully compatible with Confluence Questions, meaning the privacy features may not work as expected. See Compatibility with Confluence Questions for further details.


Define default extranet managers for new extranet spaces.

New features

  • Possibility to configure extranet managers which are preselected when creating a new extranet space


  • Performance boost for visibility checks between extranet users (e.g. used in user mentions).


  • Problems accessing personal spaces after user renaming have been fixed.


  • Alternative personal space url does not work for renamed users.
  • User list macro does not consider internal groups.


  • Problems with name search and role filter in extranet user list.
  • Roles filter in extranet user list does not work with pagination.


The big "permissions, roles & groups" release. Furthermore, Space Privacy is compatible with Confluence 6.7 now.

New features

  • Switch to single permissions if your user directory doesn't allow creating groups.
  • Reset extranet spaces to standard Confluence spaces.
  • Define groups of internal users, who are allowed to see each other, no matter if they are sharing an extranet space or not.
  • Allow external users to become an Extranet User Manager, so they are able to administer their own extranet space, without any security concerns.
  • Choose the welcome mail's language.
  • Confluence 6.7 compatibility.


  • Configuration check after installing, if your user directory allows creating groups.
  • Managed Groups are created for active extranet roles only.
  • Filter for extranet spaces within the space directory.
  • Better Microblogging for Confluence compatibility: Just mention users who have access to the selected topic (requires Microblog version 3.4).
  • Welcome Mail contains information about the user, who assigned the new extranet user.


  • Space Privacy takes care of given space key parameter in the LiveSearch macro.
  • Problems with Max. Result Filter module.
  • Only likes of visible user are shown to another user.


  • Possibility to mention non visible users in the Microblog app in Confluence 6.7.
  • Problems with LiveSearch macro and its space restrictions.


  • Internal users should be able to share pages with internal groups.


  • Access to restricted user data when manipulating e.g. the browsepeople.action or dosearchsite.action.
  • Microblog compatibility: Cannot mention users in topics which belong to standard Confluence spaces.


  • Groups that are not assigned to any extranet space should now be visible for sharing in extranet spaces while the visibility of non extranet users is not restricted in the global configuration.
  • In personal spaces, all groups should now follow the same visibility rules as in any other space.
  • Some noisy ERROR logs which had no side effect at all are removed.


  • Content that is filtered by profile fields should work properly again for old Linchpin plugin versions.


Stability release with focus on user experience for extranet managers and admins.

New features

  • Assign extranet user created in an extranet space to a default group.
  • Search extranet user by e-mail domain.


  • Better error handling and meaningful messages, if extranet user assignment fails
  • Improved help texts for
    • visibilities of extranet manager,
    • mail content for new extranet users.
  • Show role permissions in assign extranet user hint.
  • Renamed extranet role "Commentator" to "Commenter".

1.3 (& 1.3.1)

Add custom URL filters to secure third-party resources with sensitive user data.

New features

  • Add custom URL filters with username placeholder to secure urls of third party plugins containing sensitive user information.
  • Prevent personal information and personal space content to appear in search.


  • Extended search results for Restrictions and Share-Page Resources.
  • Improved performance of extranet user mentions.
  • Infinite paging in extranet users view.
  • UI and text improvements.


  • Fixed Profile Picture Macro activation after Space Privacy uninstall.
  • Fixed problems with @Mentions for extranet users.


Support for shared non-extranet spaces and improved installation performance.

New features

  • Shared non-extranet spaces are now secured.
  • Option for new extranet users to set their password by themselves.


  • New extranet users are not invited via mail by default.
  • Added description for manager roles in the admin section.
  • Improved cleanup jobs and installation performance.


  • Custom User Profile plugin: profile endpoint does not show sensible user data anymore.
  • Fixed race condition while updating user list state.
  • Search Results macro does not show sensible user data anymore.
  • User search finds all users.
  • Added missing Group icon.


Internal release


  • Secured the Custom User Profile plugin favorite rest endpoint.
  • Added event to trigger permission update for Enterprise News Bundle plugin workflow spaces.


Customize role permissions and assign Extranet Admin Roles by group.

New features

  • Assign Extranet Admin Roles by Confluence groups.
  • Customize the permissions for the given extranet roles.


  • Stabilized synchronisation between Confluence and extranet groups.


  • Userpicker in space wizard depends on page where it is called.
  • Older version in page history cannot be found.
  • Users can still see people directory after withdrawal of permissions.


  • Upgrade to version 1.1.0 fails with PostgreSQL database.


  • Better error handling with a meaningful error message if local group assignment fails.
  • "Undefined space key in Extranet Management" has been fixed.


  • Additional logging to debug mismatches between search index and space privacy data model.
  • Synchronize extranet permission groups for each space and all extranet users on plugin activation.
  • "User list blocked by duplicated users in the search index" has been fixed.


We improved the creation of an extranet space and closed some more leaks.

New features

  • Create Extranet spaces, where users can only interact with other users of the same space.
  • Convert standard spaces to extranet spaces.
  • Decide, if Non-Extranet-Users should be visible for extranet users.
  • Define, if it should be possible to create extranet users within an extranet space.
  • Define which admin roles are provided within an extranet space.
  • Define which initial permissions should be available for extranet users.
  • Assign (and create) users within an extranet space, so they become an extranet user.
  • Declare "Extranet Space Managers", who are allowed to manage the extranet space and to assign (and create) extranet users  in an extranet space, or "Extranet User Managers", who are only allowed to manage extranet users, but do not have any other space administration permissions .
  • Restricted visibility for extranet users for the following Confluence functions:
    • People directory
    • Mentions
    • Sharing
    • Quick Search
    • Full Search
    • Selected Confluence Macros
    • User Profile


Bugfix release

  • TeamCalenders entries from hidden spaces are shown in the activity stream macro.
  • Space labels from hidden spaces can be found.
  • Personal spaces are not secured and can be converted to an extranet.
  • Users can't be mentioned in normal spaces in Confluence 6.1.
  • Onboarding action shows hidden spaces.
  • Problems with usernames containing special characters (spaces, umlauts).


  • When creating or converting an extranet space, the executing user will automatically get the Extranet Manager role for this space.
  • Converting a space to an extranet extends the space description.
  • "Activity Stream" shows profile updates from all users.
  • Error while rendering "Profile Picture" Macro.
  • "Related Labels" Macro shows labels from hidden spaces.
  • Problems with MSSQL while installing the plugin.