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Apps that access user data or labels are affected by Space Privacy. See here which apps are already compatible.

Which apps does Space Privacy support?

Currently, Space Privacy supports these apps:

Some other apps might work with Space Privacy, but not be fully compatible. Right now, we sadly can't provide a full list with apps which might or might not work with Space Privacy.

Is Space Privacy compatible with Custom Space User Management (CSUM)?

Yes and no. Theoretically, these two apps do not restrict each other. However, the interfaces provided by the CSUM are not filtered by Space Privacy. It depends on your usage of both apps if problems occur or not.

What can lead to problems?

Users and spaces that should remain hidden for Extranet administrators can be found and assigned in the CSUM tab.

When is that a problem?

  1. When there are external Extranet user administrators.

    An external Extranet user administrator should only know about users who work in the Extranet spaces to which this administrator has access to. However, they can see all users via the "Add User" button in the CSUM app.

  2. When there are space administrators with no authorization.

    Space administrators who are not authorized in Space Privacy (neither as Extranet user administrators nor as Extranet space administrators) and are not allowed to see all users in the system can see all users via the "Add User" button in the CSUM app.

Both situations are rather rare. The second one would probably not occur in practice. For the standard use case, where there are only internal Extranet administrators/space administrators, no security concerns exist.

Please note: Groups created by Space Privacy can not be used by the CSUM app.