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Which apps does Space Privacy support?

Currently, Space Privacy fully supports Linchpin (Linchpin Intranet Suite, Linchpin Essentials) and its intranet and extranet functions.

Some other third party apps might work with Space Privacy, but not be fully compatible. We cannot guarantee compatibility with 3rd party apps.

Right now, we sadly can't provide a full list with apps which might or might not work with Space Privacy.

Recently Updated (Dashbaord) macro

With Space Privacy 3.5.2 the Recently Updated macro can be safely used (tick)

Please note, that we still do not recommend the usage of the Recently Updated Dashboard macro (only) on the Confluence dashboard, as the content might still include sensitive user data

Team Calendars

With Space Privacy 3.5.2 Team Calendars and the Recently Updated macro are compatible. See Advice for working with Atlassian Team Calendars app for further information.

Before Space Privacy 3.5.2

Since Confluence 7.11, Team calendars is a core app for Confluence Data Center.

Space Privacy supports team calendars. However, the "Recently updated" macro might display the team calendar and all its users.

We recommend to not use the "Recently updated" macro in combination with Space Privacy to eliminate potential security risks this macro can create.



Since Confluence 7.11, Analytics is a core app for Confluence Data Center. It provides powerful statistics about page views and user actions.

Without configuration, Analytics view might expose extranet users (for example in a shared non-extranet space).

Configurations compatible with Space Privacy

You can make Analytics compatible with Space Privacy. There are two possible configurations to do that.

Enable Analytics functions for internal users only (see Permissions for more information).

You can use the same groups you use for the configuration of Space Privacy's "internal groups".


Use the "increased privacy mode" which will anonymize the results.

Who Can View This

"Who Can View This" is a Confluence function added in Confluence 7.13.

Space Privacy 3.1 (and onwards) is compatible with "Who Can View This".

(warning) However, if you use an older version of Space Privacy (3.0 or older), please disable "Who Can View This"! You risk potential user exposure otherwise.

Inspect Permissions - Gatekeeper

Space Privacy supports the "Inspect Permissions - Gatekeeper" app only partially.

We decided to deactivate the functionality of this app for Extranet users. The according macro is disabled by default and should not be enabled! Enabling the macro will remove the protection that Space Privacy grants.

Custom Space User Management (CSUM)

Yes and no. Theoretically, these two apps do not restrict each other. However, the interfaces provided by the CSUM are not filtered by Space Privacy. It depends on your usage of both apps if problems occur or not.

What can lead to problems?

Users and spaces that should remain hidden for Extranet administrators can be found and assigned in the CSUM tab.

When is that a problem?

  1. When there are external Extranet user administrators.

    An external Extranet user administrator should only know about users who work in the Extranet spaces to which this administrator has access to. However, they can see all users via the "Add User" button in the CSUM app.

  2. When there are space administrators with no authorization.

    Space administrators who are not authorized in Space Privacy (neither as Extranet user administrators nor as Extranet space administrators) and are not allowed to see all users in the system can see all users via the "Add User" button in the CSUM app.

Both situations are rather rare. The second one would probably not occur in practice. For the standard use case, where there are only internal Extranet administrators/space administrators, no security concerns exist.

Please note: Groups created by Space Privacy can not be used by the CSUM app.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.