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Version 3.3.0 removes the participant group.

Removal of participant groups

Version 3.3.0 of Space Privacy introduces a rather big change. We removed participant groups.

More precisely, we removed this following group: extranet-SPACEKEY-users-extranet_participant (which is created for every Extranet space).

This group was mainly introduced for internal purposes and unused for some time now. Removing it helped us to boost Space Privacy's performance.

There are two scenarios to consider here.


Before updating to Space Privacy 3.3.0, please check if participants groups is a feature that you actually need. If you do need them, please read along to learn how to re-activate them via dark features.

Creating new Extranets with Space Privacy 3.3.0

When a new Extranet is created and you're already using Space Privacy 3.3.0, the participant group simply won't be created anymore.

If you wish to regain access to this group, you can activate it as a dark feature. Doing so will restore this functionality.

Removing participant groups from existing Extranets

Do you already own an Extranet and just upgraded to Space Privacy 3.3.0? In this case you can delete the participant group if you don't need it.


If you have enabled participant groups via dark features, or need these groups in general, DO NOT click on the "Start background job" button.

Doing so will delete those groups permanently and cannot be easily undone.

To do that, navigate to Confluence administration → Space Privacy → Maintenance & Support → Synchronization.

Alternatively, insert this URL behind your confluence URL: /admin/plugins/extranet/config/support.action

Here, click on the "participant" groups button. In the now visible text area, click on the Start background job button.

This page was last edited on 03/31/2022.