This document offers you a transparent list of our services, arranged and/or packaged as they are often ordered within the framework of wiki projects undertaken by //SEIBERT/MEDIA. This overview is intended to enable you to better plan and evaluate any possible projects that you might consider with our company.

How should I read the quotes listed below?

As you read through the various options please keep in mind that we only charge for actual services rendered and hours worked. There is no extra buffer charge or flat sum pricing. If you believe that we will need less time for one thing or another, or that there are some services that your company can handle, then we will happily customize our offer with this in mind. We have tried to give you a good overview by showing you our recommendation (median with 50%), the lower quartile (25%), and the upper quartile (75%) regarding how a less expensive Jira project or a qualitatively perfect Jira project may develop with regards to technical issues.

Now it's up to you to decide whether you would prefer “simple and less expensive” or “premium and more intensive”.

It goes without saying that both smaller and larger projects receive the same level of professionalism (earned through providing Internet services since 1996 and sharpened by the experience gained from numerous enterprise wiki projects).

We would suggest that you take some time and examine the options listed below. We are happy to explain any of the contents in more detail to help you decide between the many options.




We also offer Wiki-Presentations and advise you for your individual Workshop

Content for our workshops and a preliminary study

We strive to ensure that workshops with //SEIBERT/MEDIA result in an intensive transfer of knowledge. It is our goal that your time with us will be useful to you, even if you later decide not to work with us, or even choose to work with another service provider. Our workshops do not contain much sales talk: rather, they will enable you to better understand your project and your requirements in order to take the correct next steps. We will give you the advice you need to get started.

Follow the link Topics Wiki Workshops and Presentations to find a list of possible workshop topics. If you like, you can delete the topics that you don't wish to have covered in the workshop, thus informing us what components you would like to be part of our consultation.

Concrete workshop offers

It goes without saying that we will always work to fulfill your needs. We will define the workshop topics together based on your interests as well as your idea for where the focus of the workshop should be. Based on our experience we can offer some workshop packages that are quite popular with our customers. You can view them at

General information and limitations

Services not included:

  • Ongoing consulting and support. We also recommend that you sign a frame contract.
    Hosting is not included in our offer and must be ordered separately. The availability of the system depends on the form of the hosting and the AppManagement package (see points 4 and 5 of this offer)
  • Personal innovation presentations (Update presentation regarding software development, “staying up-to-date”)
  • Moving the system to the client's server: Delivery of a VM-ware version poses no problems.
  • License costs of the wiki software: If you decide to rollout an open source system like Foswiki, there will be no license fees. However, for a commercial system like Confluence, the fees are listed below.

License costs for Confluence (optional)

Number of users (max.)








Commercial license

10 USD

800 USD

1.600 USD

2.200 USD

4.000 USD

8.000 USD

12.000 USD

Academic license

10 USD

400 USD

800 USD

1.100 USD

2.000 USD

4.000 USD

6.000 USD

Regarding Confluence licenses, we recommend that you read in our public wiki. Here, you will find detailed information regarding license purchasing as well as the requisite pricing information.

The decision for or against a commercial software package should be made according to your budgeting plans as well as according to your desire for a high level of software usability. However, companies who decide to go with an open source system like Foswiki can easily migrate to Confluence later with the help of the so called Universal Wiki Converter.

Scheduling and project duration

//SEIBERT/MEDIA has a great deal of experience with wiki projects. We could come up with results quickly, but we are also very strong regarding strategic consulting and preparation. In this regard, we will be happy to work within your timeframe. If you want to get started as quickly as possible, we can get you the raw software within a number of days and begin with the consulting. In other words, it can start almost immediately. Usually, however, customers prefer to take between six weeks and six months for their first JIRA pilot project. Let’s talk about what is most important to you.

Additional costs for workshops held at your company location

Should any services (e.g., workshops) take place at your company location, half of the travel time of our employees will be charged as travel costs. This travel time will be calculated according to the short possible route (in terms of time) that is possible through the use of public transportation options - usually and preferably trains. In this regard, the time required to travel from the Wiesbaden train station to the next-closest municipal train station or major travel juncture in your vicinity will be the standard traveling time used for this calculation.

If the workshop (including the time to travel there and back) takes longer than 12 hours, we'll also have to charge for a night's accommodation for the employees who are on site for the workshop. The hotel costs resulting from this charge will be charged at a 1:1 ratio (i.e., we don't add anything on). For choosing the hotel, we use and only accept hotels with an average user rating of at least 7 out of 10 points. Usually, this costs up to 80 Euros per person and night. We would be happy for you to take care of the booking and payment yourself.

Additional information

Our price calculations are based on the following specific hourly rates

  • Partner: 200 USD/hour
  • Executive: 165 USD/hour
  • Senior: 140 USD/hour
  • Staff: 110 USD/hour

Differing prices in the above quote may arise due to the division of labor amoung employees with varying levels of qualifications.

Rights of use for the design

This offer includes the unlimited rights of use regarding time and location. Any additional costs for the use of certain graphic or text elements are not included in the offer and will be charged as required at a 1:1 ratio (i.e., we don't add anything on).

Payment terms

Due to the project volume and timeline, we would like to agree on installment payments. The payments would be tied to the reaching of defined milestones and divided as follows: 40% of the total project payment will be due upon receipt of the formal purchase order, 30% of the total project payment will be due upon the completion of the prototype, and 30% of the total project payment will be due upon project completion. We would recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions at

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