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Upper Quartile

Technical customizing of the wiki to your needs

An enterprise wiki is more than just Wikipedia. In addition to the glossary- and lexicon functions, which are less important for many companies, your employees will soon begin to depict processes, create wiki forms, enable meta information for structuring, integrate additional plugins, execute smaller programming jobs for interfaces and desired changes, connect your LDAP or Active Directory system to the wiki to ensure that the network login information matches that of the wiki, etc.

Our experience / Our recommendation: We charge for actual services rendered up to a defined maximum: 12 x 100 = 1,200




Concept- and Design Workshop

The visual and conceptual design of a wiki depends on various factors: the technical basis, the corporate design, the wiki contents, and the users who work with the system. In a consolidated workshop a designer will work with you to design conceptual ideas that fit your individual needs. This will become the basis of the layout.
Workshop content: Explanation of wishes and requirements for the design, Introduction of possibilities for individual wiki designs (using examples from previous projects), discussion of corporate design basics.
Definition of contents whose particular significance should also be visually marked (e.g., teasers and picture elements), highlighting of possibilities for increasing the wiki's acceptance within your company.
Development of the first concrete ideas (e.g., creation of wireframes).

Our experience / Our recommendation: 4-8 x 100 = 400 – 800 (depending on the duration and individual preparation




Prepare Word exporting with Scroll Office (Confluence only)

Wikis are perfectly suited for the collaborative creation of contents. Perfectly formatted customer-ready documents, however, should probably still be created using Microsoft Word. The Confluence plugin Scroll Office allows you to export the wiki content in a Word document with all the layout specifications defined by your corporate design.
Take a look at the results in a video clip of some of our live sessions: http://seibert.biz/scrolloffice

Our experience / Our recommendation: 12 x 80 = 960
Lower Quartile: 4 x 80 = 320 / Upper Quartile: 16 x 80 = 1,600




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