You want to migrate an existing MediaWiki- or Foswiki installation to Confluence? We would be happy to help you take care of this while protecting your data and taking advantage of the automatic migration processes. Migration always depends heavily on the structuring of the exporting system, so it’s not possible for us to give you an inclusive price up front. But we would be happy to evaluate the system, which would then allow us to give a good estimate of how much this would cost to do.



Unit price



Evaluation of your wiki for migration

We’ll need an evaluation budget in order to test your wiki and customize the migration scripts that we use. In this step, the individual kinds of forms as well as the installed plugins will be tested by our customized UWC (universal wiki converter). Ideally, we would have SSH access to your wiki because in our experience, it is easier and faster to analyze a system using SSH access.



Advantages of working with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

  • Lower costs through experience and competence
    We are an experienced service provider for the migration of wiki contents and the implementation of the necessary work for such a migration. We have already done this numerous times and can offer you direct contacts to DAX-listed companies and company customers who can tell you more about our expertise. Building up your own specialized know-how for such a process probably doesn’t make financial sense for most companies since you’ll probably only need to do it once.
  • We only charge for the work you actually want
    When our customers find out that we only charge according to the time we actually spend working on the wiki migration, this usually leads to lots of questions. This seems to be directly contrary to security and budget transparency. However, we work in iterations, which allows small budgets to go ahead and implement the first iteration. A project could potentially already be ended ‘successfully’ after this iteration. Usually, however, we’ll execute multiple iterations because the formatting and taking control of the wiki will have to be further customized. But during the migration, it’s possible to stop after every iteration: this can lead to great savings.

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