Cost to update your corporate wiki

Our system administrators would be happy to execute an update of your wiki installation. The price for this depends heavily on the depth of your wiki (installed plugins and extent of your customized configuration) and the server access to your wiki. In addition to this, we are happy to offer – within the framework of such an update – a testing of your individually customized Confluence themes. More detailed information on the update process can be found here. A detailed estimate won’t be possible until after we’ve spoken with you in greater detail, so the estimated prices below are based on average project prices.



Unit price



Confluence update including installation of a test environment

Before the update begins, our administrators will test your installation and the installed plugins to make sure that the installation is compatible with the update. To accomplish this we will setup a test environment. After the required preparations we will then implement the actual update of your installation. Depending on the depth of your wiki system and the related additional work necessary to protect your plugins and customized configurations, this step will take two to eight hours.




Customization of individual Confluence themes

We’ll check your individual Confluence theme to estimate how much customization will have to be done regarding the update’s impact on your theme and design. If some customization is required, we’ll take care of the changes and then upload the theme back into your installation.




Project management and coordination

There are usually about two hours of administrative work required for the update.







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