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People Directory

At the People Directory you can find all your colleagues who are part of the intranet. Use the search function to quickly find the colleague you are looking for. You are not sure how to spell the last name correctly? No problem, the search will forgive small typos.

If you are an administrator, you can grant other users extended permissions as well. To do this, click on the tool icon next to the user you want to give administration rights to.  You can also use this feature to remove a user from the intranet.

User Profiles

Click on a user to open the user's profile. Now you can see all important information about your colleague. You can send an e-mail to the colleague and later, at some point in the future, start a video call or chat. 

If you open your own profile, for example via the avatar menu, you have the possibility to edit your profile information. Currently you can change your display name to specify how you want to be mentioned within the intranet. 

My Network

At the moment, this is some demonstration content, but we will add the functionality soon

Invite teammates

As an administrator, you'll find the "Invite"-Button at the right corner of the people view. By clicking on it you're able to enter your teammates email-address. They will receive a personalised email with a link which leads them to your workspace.

If you want to see who's already been invited, you can click on "Pending invites", right next to the "invite"-Button. You'll see a list of pending invites. You can copy the personalised invitation link or revoke the request.

You can also add people to your workspace based on their email domain. For more information please take a look at Domain based access - Quick and easy access for all

Invitation of Apple-ID users

When you invite an Apple-ID user, it might happen that he's not able to accept your invitation. This behavior occurs when the user hides his email address. In this case, you have to invite this user using his private / hidden email address (Click here for more information). 

Please note, that even this workaround may not work, if the user has disabled email forwarding.

Groups and Skillfinder

These tabs are still work in progress. Visit our roadmap for more information.

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This page was last edited on 11/05/2020.