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People and teams directory

You will find all your colleagues in the people & teams directory. The people directory is marked as "People" in the sidebar navigation.

The People tab lists all people. The Teams tab lists all teams and lets you create new ones.

Use the search function to find your desired contact faster - it will even forgive small typos! Both "Specialist Nancy" and "Speicalits Nacny" will lead you to the correct person. 

Grant permissions

Administrators can grant users extended permissions here. To do that, click on the Settings button next to the user you want to give extended permissions to and check the permission that should be granted.

Invite users

The people directory is also the right place to invite new users into your system. To invite users to your intranet, click on the Invite button and enter the email address you want to send the invite to.

You can also view all pending invites to your system here. To do that, click on the Pending Invites button. 

(lightbulb) Invited users will receive a personalized email with a link to your workplace.

Domain based access

You can also add people to your workspace based on their email domain. For more information, please take a look at Domain based access

Invite Apple-ID users

Apple-ID users might not be able to accept your invitation. This behaviour occurs when the user decides to hide their email address. In such cases, please use the user's private/hidden email address

(warning) This workaround might not work if the user disabled email forwarding.

Delete users

You can also delete users from your system. To do that, click on the Settings button next to the user you want to kick. Then, click on the Delete from intranet button. 

User Profiles

Here you can learn some facts abour your colleagues. Click on a user to open their profile.

Currently, the profile offers some basic information. The email address is clickable and will open your go-to mailing program. In the future, we also want to implement the possibility to start a chat or a video call directly from within the profile.

Edit your profile

When viewing your profile, click on the Edit button to change your information.

(lightbulb) You can change your display name, too!

Preview features

The features shown here are still concepts. Please view it as a preview. Visit our public roadmap for more information.

(lightbulb) You can help us shape Linchpin Hey and its people directory! Visit our feedback board and let us know what you are missing in Linchpin Hey!

Your network

Groups and the skillfinder

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This page was last edited on 08/20/2021.