Create a team

As an administrator, you can create teams in the People & Teams overview. Navigate there by clicking on the People button in the sidebar.

Here, select the Teams tab and click on the + Add team button.

Enter the team's name and confirm the creation by clicking on the Add team button.

(lightbulb) If you ever need to rename a team, click on the three dots button next to its name and click on the Edit button.

Access team pages

To access a team page, click on a team in the People & Teams overview.

Edit team pages

As an administrator, you can change the description of a team page. 

The rest of the team page, like the member list and the team's location(s) is actually filled out automatically according to the user profile data of those who belong to said team.

Every user who entered their location in their profile will also appear on the team page map (as long as they belong to said team).

Currently, it's not possible to change the icon or the header image of a team page. We are working on it!

This content was last updated on 02/14/2022.

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