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What is the People Search & List Macro?

Whether you need a list of upcoming birthdays, team or company anniversaries, or an overview of all colleagues sorted by location or skill, you can customize the display in the macro. You choose which users to show, whether the list is static or even searchable and filterable. As always in the Linchpin intranet, the profile details are used as filter options in the macro.

One macro with three different display options. It replaces the Customized User List macro & the Custom User Search macro.

User selection

In the search bar you can choose what is supposed to be looked through and which results you want to be shown. In the example above, the birthday is chosen as well as the next month. You also have the option to add another criterion. The preview allows you to have a look at the result before publishing.


When filtering a date without a year, the time span "Today" can now be selected in the drop down menu. In addition, the wording for next week has been changed to "Next 7 days".


Expert mode (CQL)

Within the User selection you now have the option to use an CQL statement. This new expert mode was also available in the Custom User List macro and has now been integrated into the People Search & List Macro. With this expert mode you can select people via CQL statements. Here, you can see the result when using the CQL statement for the location "USA".

You can find CQL codes when clicking on the "CQL help" button. Here, you can find examples for the CQL usage as well as a list with all the available fields.
The example shows the result when using the "cup.land7" CQL statement with the country "USA".


For the layout, you have the option to choose between a list or a tiles display.

Within the list display, you can configure the columns by clicking on "Configure columns" button:
Here you can add a column, change the position of the columns, delete a column and reset them back to default.

Macro Variants

You have the option to choose between three macro variants: Full, List and Search.

What happens with the Customized User List macro & Custom User Search macro?
The Customized User List macro & the Custom User Search macro now have a deprecative status as the new People & Search macro replaces those.
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This page was last edited on 11/24/2023.