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What is the people directory?

The people directory is an overview page of all Confluence users.

Here you can find all users, mark them as favorites and navigate to their profiles. Furthermore, use the search to find the right person.

Since Linchpin User Profiles 2.21, it's also possible to filter the people directory. The filters that can be applied are based on profile fields like languages or department etc.


The extended Linchpin person directory with its search filters is unfortunately not available to regular extranet users. For security reasons, the function has been restricted to administrative users only or to those users who are internal employees of the Space Privacy "Internal Groups" or belong to a Space Privacy Admin role.

Two overview options

Inside the people directory, there are two main overview pages.

You can find them in the left sidebar, in the discover section.

All People

The "All People" overview is the default one. Here you can see all users within your Confluence instance.

People with Personal Spaces

Here you can view all users who set-up a personal space.

Invite users 

In the right upper corner of the people directory, there is a button called Invite Users.

It allows you to invite anyone (via e-mail or sign-up link) to join your Confluence system.

Click on the Invite Users button. It will take you to the correct page inside the Confluence administration.

Here, you can find an invitation link. Send this link to any colleague. If they open it, they can sign up to your Confluence.

Click on the Reset button to reset the invitation link. If you do so, a new link will be generated and the old link won't work anymore.

Further down below you can find an e-mail contact form.

Here, inside the Message text field, you can enter the invitation message. Above, inside the Email To field, you can enter one or many e-mail addresses to invite others to your Confluence. 

If you enter multiple e-mails, please separate them via commas.

Please note that you must configure a mail server within your Confluence to use the e-mail invitation form.

Follow the link inside the configuration to configure the mail server.


NEW IN 2.21

Since version 2.21, the people directory includes a filter option.

Click on the Additional filters button to open the filter function.

Here you can filter all users by profile fields. 

You can, for example, display only users from Washington who speak French. Or only your colleagues working in Canada. And so on.


To access this feature, navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → People directory.

Here, you can see two tabs: Filter & List view

In the Filter tab you can add and remove filters. Simply select the profile field you wish to use as a filter.

If you wish to add more filters, you can do so in drop down menu "Add filter".

You can rearrange the filters via drag & drop. To do so, click on the filter at the very left end of the filter and drag it to a new position.

In the List view tab you can add and remove columns by drag and drop.

If you wish to add more columns, you can do so in drop down menu "Choose profile field".

Enable Org Charts within the people directory

NEW IN 2.25.1

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin → User Profiles → Org Chart.

In the Hierarchical Org Chart configuration, enter the superiors.

You can enter either one or several superiors.

Then, click on the Save button.

Congratulations! The people directory will feature an Org Chart now.

To view the Org Chart, navigate to the people directory. Click on the Org Chart button located in the sidebar on the left side.

If you entered more than one superior, you will see tabs for every respective superior, labeled with their names. Each tab features the Org Chart of the respective superior.

Who are superiors?

Superiors are users who are the top. Those users don't have any superiors above them. They lead their respective teams/departments. 

Tile layout / Table layout

You can switch between two layout options when using the people directory.

Tile layout

The tile layout can be activated via the tile button .

This layout will display contacts as tiles. Besides the user's name and avatar picture, their profile header sub-line will be displayed, too. For more details, refer to our Subline in Profile header documentation.

The tile layout also features a favorite button - click on the star shaped button to add a user to your favorite contacts.

Table layout

The table layout can be activated via the table button .

This layout features a more detailed profile view, including more information about each user. Furthermore, you can define which information is displayed in this view.

Define content

The table layout always displays information taken from the profile header.

To change what is displayed within the profile header and thus also the table layout of the people directory, navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin → User Profiles → Profile editor.

Click on the Edit button in the dark grey profile header area. Here, select what fields are displayed within the profile header and the table layout of people directory.

Profile header documentation

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.