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We are happy to help you choose and evaluate a wiki system and plan your projects. We have extensive experience with the systems Foswiki (formerly TWiki) and enterprise wikis. We have begun using Confluence explicitly, since it has proven to be market leader in functionality and user friendliness. Take a look at our detailed wiki pages, if you have not already done so:

Articles, videos and information

  1. If desired: consultation via phone, free of charge and without obligation
    Consultation via phone without charge and non binding. No worries, we don't employ a call center. You will always talk to competent consultants with no sales pressure. More infos at +1 800 853 4630.
  2. Complete transparency of budget: overview of costs
    A sample quote so you know which costs to plan with. You can choose any option: large, medium, small, do it yourself, don't do it at all… we will send you more information via email after our conversation  +1 800 853 4630.
  3. Articles on wikis

Our services

Here is a brief overview of our services for wikis:

Free Wiki test instance for you

The service SWIFT offers you the opportunity to create your own Confluence test instance with just a few clicks. Just follow the links below, your own test instance is only a click away.

Already a wiki pro?

Your business has already implemented a successful enterprise wiki? You may be interested in the Checklist for a successful Enterprise Wiki (German)

Send your inquiry now!

In case of questions, please feel free to contact us.

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