Possible applications for wikis

Wikis are all-round talents. You can use them for nearly everything. Nevertheless it makes sense to start the pilot phase with a small number of uncontroversial topics.

Concrete suggestions for a pilot phase

Choose only 1 or 2 topics mentioned below during the pilot phase. Even if it’s tempting, especially at the beginning you will need quick results, that your colleagues talk about. It is thus better to concentrate on only a few.

  1. Exchange of knowledge
  2. Process management
  3. Documentation
  4. Team organization
  5. Project management
  6. Ideas and innovation
  7. Requirements management
  8. Reputation and communication
  9. Skill management

Read more about these topics at the link Enterprise Wikis - 66 use cases.

Areas of application for wikis

Alternatively you can think about, how you really want to use your wiki.


Make it easy for your employees to stay up to date.



Discuss, create documents, share knowledge or blog within the project - all in one place.


Knowledge management

Consolidate the knowledge of your enterprise in one single searchable and structured database - transparent, open, secure.


Integrate external customers, suppliers and partners securely and independently in separate online workspaces.


Work together on web-content

Easily create and publish content for your website.



Today you create and publish the documentation efficiently with the help of wikis.

Supplement network drives

Regain control over your files. Make them secure, accessible and searchable.


Curtail the e-mail flood

“Tame” the usage of e-mails in your company. Start communicating via Confluence instead.


Business Intelligence (BI)

Collect information from multiple data sources in real-time and evaluate it: lively reports.

Start a pilot with SWIFT.

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