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How Space Privacy ensures user privacy

To ensure user privacy we save Extranet assignments in two different places. On the one hand we use our own data model stored in the database, on the other hand we use the Confluence search index. To make sure those datasource are in sync, we check this on every call of the Extranet users & groups list. When creating or assigning a new user to an Extranet, we have to create entries in our data model and the index.

Extending the data model is really fast in most cases, whereas adding new fields to the search index is not. You may have noticed the progress bar above the user list, which indicates the user list is not complete.

Especially in large instances (> 1000 extranet spaces), it may take several minutes to finish re-indexing. Depending on the load on the system, it may take even longer. In rare cases, the data model and the index are permanently out of sync. In this case, the newly assigned users may not be able to login to the system or might be visible to other users, which shouldn't see them.

If Space Privacy notices that an ongoing indexing takes longer than 30s, you get an information like this

This is not an error! It simply lets you know that the indexing task takes longer than expected.

Information for User Managers

If you notice the index progress bar is shown after hours and no new users have been added, you may try to run the "manual synchronization" (see the button in the image above). This might remove users which are wrongly in the data model or the search index. If this doesn't help, please contact your Confluence administrator to take further action.

Information for Confluence Administrators

If the "manual synchronization" does not solve the issue, have a look at the Content Index Administration and see if the queue is filled. If that is the case, everything should be fine. If not, please wait a bit longer (maybe over night), to check if the problem still exists.


We've seen some slow instances (especially in Data Center) where the indexing takes a long time and even if the queue is empty, some background tasks seem to run.

If the problems persist, please follow the instructions described here:  Plugin support

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.