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Do you have a problem with Space Privacy? You can send us a support file which will help us understand the nature of your problem.

Create a Space Privacy support file

To debug unexpected behavior, we need as much information as we can. The support zip and application logs are a good place to start. Please include them in your support request.

Navigate to Confluence administration → Space Privacy → Maintenance & Support → Help & Support → Plugin Support.

Please follow the steps provided on this page. 

To download the support file, click on the Space Privacy support file link in step 1.
To create application logs, install Linchpin Support or navigate to Confluence Administration → Logging and Profiling and set the log level for the net.seibertmedia.extranet key to DEBUG.
Then, repeat the steps to reproduce the problem.
Now, generate the support zip. To do that, navigate to Confluence administration → Support Tools → Create support zip.
Finally, submit us your issue and include the files.

The easiest way to contact us is via

This content was last updated on 07/02/2020.

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