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You can insert the navigation menu into your intranet in many ways. Be it via code, with a settings toggle or via macro.

View how to configure the design of the navigation menu.

The Linchpin Navigation Menus configuration section contains three items: Settings, Personalization and Structure.

The menu settings allow for a couple of display options. In addition you can define a number of menu editors and unlock the menu.

The menu personalization allows to create specific menus für specific users or user groups. The menus within Linchpin Theme use profile information to personalize the menus. You could, for example, have a different menu for every department. 

In this section you can change the content of the menu. Add, remove or move menu items. You can also export your menu to a file.

Learn how the Linchpin Navigation Menus tracks changes to the menu and shows published and draft versions in the history.

Please note: Make sure that Linchpin Theme is active.

Visit our documentation on how to activate your theme to learn more.

This content was last updated on 03/18/2020.

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