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There are multiple ways to insert the menu into your intranet.

Via settings

Enable the Display navigation in header checkbox. This option will automatically insert the menu below the Confluence application header on every page.

Via code

Navigate to Confluence Administration > Linchpin Administration > Layouts > Main Layout. Click on edit to edit the Main Layout.

(Warnung) If you wish to include the menu anywhere else than at the standard position, you need to disable the option Display navigation in header first.

To add a menu at your desired position, insert the code below into your Main Layout:


In newer Confluence versions, the usage of this code can lead to some warning logs from the velocity template. Those logs can be ignored. The navigation will work just fine.

But you need to implement a "custom helper" (code below) to be prepared for the removal of the old Confluence wiki markup.

Additionally, you need to add this code (said "custom helper") snippet to your Main Layout:

<ac:macro ac:name="display-menu"/>

Via macro

You can also insert the macro Menu into any page. The menu will then be displayed at the position the macro was inserted into.