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Release Notes for 1.11

Better looking emails & easier recipient selection

New features

  • Add recipients easier than ever before
  • Decide which recipients' email addresses should be visible to other recipients (To and Cc) and which should not (Bcc)


  • New design for the sent emails, including site logo, header color and Linchpin Enterprise News-specific information


  • Base64 images are now shown correctly (e.g. Jira issues or charts macros)
  • The "table of contents" macro in emails is now displayed correctly
  • Some broken links are now fixed
  • Several smaller fixes

Known Issues:

  • In HTML mails, dynamically generated macro content will not always be styled correctly.
  • In some cases, pages containing macros that generate content dynamically cannot be sent at all 
  • If sent as plain text mails, dynamically generated macro content will not be there at all.

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This content was last updated on 01/30/2019.

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