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Mail Page

Send Confluence content via mail

See the documentation for your Release

Sharing a page

Sharing a page works via the Send page link in the top right corner of your page.


You will be presented with a dialog where you can choose users from your Confluence, enter any email address you like or share the page with a whole user group. 

(info) Please note: In previous versions a single email was sent to each recipient. Now, this dialog works more like your mail client:

  • The "Recipient(s)" field is like the field "to" in an email. If you enter three people here, they will all receive the same email and will see, who else was a recipient, exactly as if you wrote an email to those three people.
  • This field will accept simple email adresses, users from your confluence or user groups.
  • If you chose a wrong user, email or group, you can delete it with a click on the x.

On the right hand side you can additionally change the subject line and add a personal note, that will be displayed above the page content. By default, the subject line will be the title of the page you are sharing.

Share your page with Send when you're done.

Add cc or bcc recipients to your mail

Starting with version 1.11, you can also add cc or bcc recipients.

These work just like you are used to in your mail client:

  • cc recipients are listed in the cc field of the email and can see each other's adresses
  • bcc recipients are listed in the bcc field of the email and cannot see each other

If you want to enter a bunch of recipients, you can do so with a comma separated list. Simply copy & paste this list into the field.

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