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The MailPage Plugin adds a new button to all Confluence pages, prompting a short dialogue to send the page via email. You can select which users, user groups or external recipients to send the page to and make some additional configuration possibilities:

  • Recipients for "to", "cc" and "bcc" fields
  • Email format
  • Maximum size of images
  • Logo to be integrated into email

The MailPage Plugin allows you to send content directly from confluence to your people, partners and external employees. Companys use it for example to define an individual page based on a set of new information in confluence. After setting up this page (e.g. with excerpt & include-page) you can send that page to your people so they get all information in one mail to stay up to date. You can also use it to create a newsletter mail for specific topics, departments or company locations.

 MailPage features:

  • Send pages over mail
  • Send blogs over mail
  • Embed images directly in your mail
  • Compatible with native excerpt and include-page macros on pages or blog posts
  • Compatible with blog macro on pages
  • Media objects are supported (images and links)

The one-time purchase of the plugin license (perpetual) legitimates you to install and use the plugin in one Confluence instance and all its testing instances. The installation on further instances is prohibited. For the first 12 months after purchasing the license, you get updates for this plugin free of charge. After that you can extend your license for another 12 months.

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

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Please use our currency converter to calculate the current Euro currency rate for the license of your choice.

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Consult the documentation for the Mail Page Plugin: Documentation

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Services for the Mail Page Plugin

//SEIBERT/MEDIA assists you in the installation of the plugin, integration of the code-snippet in your theme and configuration of menu items and links. If this support offer is of any interest for you, please use our contact form to get in touch with us. The effort of installation, integration and configuration depends on your individual conditions. You can expect between 1 and 8 hours working time, with an hourly rate between 100 USD - 200 USD. We advise you according to your needs.

Mail Page Add-On

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This page was last edited on 02/15/2023.