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Where can I send feedback to?

We are grateful for all feedback that you give us - leave us your comments and questions on this page.


Can I make confidential information unrecognizable?

Yes, in the editing mode you can blur or cut out critical or protected information.

Can others undo the blur effect in edit mode?

You can prevent others from removing the blur effect when you publish your guide on Confluence. Select the image rendering options that you want to use:

  • all anotations are editable, except blur
  • all anotations are editable

Can I make changes after publishing a guide?

Yes, the StepShot Image Editor lets you to edit screenshots later. You can also edit the documentation at any time, for example, when a change in the process requires corresponding changes to the guide.

Are there other options apart from recording the active window?

Yes, you can also choose to record your entire screen or define a limited capture area. By default, the active window is captured with each click.

What can I document with StepShot Guides for Confluence?

Whatever you want! These are typical examples:

  • Technical support
  • On-boarding information
  • Development and testing documentation
  • Training and education materials

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