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StepShot is a user-friendly software tool for creating screenshot-based knowledge base articles, process documentation, manuals and how-to guides with a minimum of effort.

The desktop client application follows your actions in the background and creates screenshots with text descriptions on mouse clicks. When finished, you have a ready-to-share step-by-step guide that can be automatically published to the Confluence page.

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Why should you use StepShot?

The aim of Atlassian Confluence is to help you store your company’s knowledge in a central place, and StepShot Guides for Confluence helps teams capture that knowledge in the best and most efficient way possible. Although many documentation tools are available, the process of creating that documentation is often tedious and time-consuming.

StepShot Guides for Confluence makes creating procedural documentation within your company as fast and simple as possible. StepShot Guides is an all-in-one product that helps you getting away from this painful and slow process! StepShot Guides is a combination of a Java Confluence app and Windows/Mac desktop client.

Compare StepShot to the traditional approach where getting to an accurate and well documented process required so many steps and edits!

Significant time savings

Never before has it been such a joy to create process documentation. As you step through the procedure, the program automatically takes a screenshot on every mouse click you perform, reducing the time you usually spend on creating help files for web applications, programs, systems, etc.

Enhancing a guide

Tailor a guide to meet your specific needs with the help of the comprehensive toolkit of the industry’s best user guide creation software. StepShot Guides makes it easier for colleagues who are less technical to understand your more technical know-how.

Publishing to Confluence on the fly

Edit the structure of a guide directly within the Confluence page. Send a guide back to the desktop client for further polishing and republish it to Confluence. Collaborate on guides and open the same guide in the desktop client on different computers.

Standardize your content

StepShot Guides creates documents using templates which you can select to match a document's purpose or even create your own personal blueprints in Confluence. Standardized formats make it easier to remember information - readers can follow and understand content better and faster when they know what to expect. Standardized content also helps with documentation where stringent requirements apply, like in the context of an ISO certification.

Select the capturing area

By default the software chooses an active window to be captured.

Select to capture the full screen if you want to show the wider context.

Select the part of the screen you would like to capture.

Annotate the images 

Crop unnecessary parts and leave what matters.

You can also choose to blur critical information.

Add the text to your screenshots with a text box.

Easily add different shapes to an image so you can communicate your intent more clearly.

Use custom templates to style your guide

Make use of the default document templates to style your technical documentation. Pick the style that your end users find the most convenient. StepShot will automatically make your guide look professional and stylish.

Capture with diverse options

With every mouse click, a new screenshot is taken (multiple screenshots).

Single screenshot capturing is available as an additional option.

Import images and create a well-styled guide created in minutes.

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