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With Confluence, organizations aim to store all of their company knowledge in a central location.

StepShot Guides for Confluence helps teams capture this knowledge in the easiest and fastest way possible. StepShot is an all-in-one product that helps you leave the painful and slow documentation process behind.

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What can you document with StepShot Guides for Confluence?

  • Technical support
  • On-boarding information
  • Development and testing documentation
  • Training and education materials

How can you use the app?

Technical writers

Find it essential to create useful knowledge base articles and software guides?
Thanks to StepShot, you can do it much faster than ever before.

Software engineers

Tend to write a number of software requirements and bug reports on a daily basis?
StepShot lets you do this easily and efficiently.

IT trainers

Need to create training manuals, software walkthroughs, and step-by-step guides?
With StepShot Guides for Confluence, you can do it in minutes instead of hours.


from the Atlassian Marketplace

Risto Reipas

"This works great with confluence, very easy to use and publish documentation direct to confluence. This tool have saved our work time because you can create documentation to users in a few minutes. It's quite easy also edit screencaptures before publishing for example blur unwanted elements from documentation. Excellent tool!"

Michael Sedovic

"This is a fun add-on and makes life easier. I actually go out and find things to build guides for now because of the ease of use. I hope the enhancements keep coming."

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