What does Navigation Menus - quick & easy orientation do? Well, it's a navigation menu. On this page, we will walk you through the functions.

What is Navigation Menus - quick & easy orientation?

As you might have guessed from the name already, Navigation Menus - quick & easy orientation is an app that allows you to create a navigation menu for your Confluence Cloud system.

The navigation menu has a lightweight, clean design and is very intuitive in usage and configuration and has a max. depth level of 3 sub-menu items at this time.

Where can I use my navigation menu?

Everywhere! The navigation menu, once configured, will be available to you on any page or blog post you are viewing - so that you never lose orientation!

Furthermore, the navigation menu will also be available to you when creating new pages or blog posts. Use it to have your important tool links ready whenever you need them.

What functions concern me as a user?

The navigation menu is rather self-explanatory. Here's a quick overview of the features that you might discover (apart from the configuration).

Scrolling navigation

Whenever the menu is too large for the size for your window (this can happen if your menu has many first level entries), navigation arrows on the side of the menu will appear (as seen in the GIF above). Use them to scroll through your menu entries.

Expand/close the menu

The navigation menu can be expanded when a menu item has at least one sub-item (no matter if it's a single sub-item or a whole sub-menu).

To expand a menu, click on any menu item with arrow pointing downwards next to it.

To close an expanded menu, click on the x button located at the height of the first sub-item (second level of item depth in total).

This content was last updated on 03/17/2022.

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