Visual guides can be very effective in guiding users. That's why you can enhance your Navigation Menus - quick & easy orientation with images.

How do images in a menu work?


You can use images to offer visual guidance to your users and allow them to navigate through your system more quickly. Think of the possibilities!

You can also use images to style your menu. Images on the first menu item level add an image gradient to the whole expanded submenu.


You can add images to your menu via their URL. 

Images can only be added to menu items on the first and second level.

Tip - You can use Confluence for your images

You don't need anything else than Confluence (and the images you want to use) to actually use images in your menu. Navigate to the "Attachments" sub-page on any of your pages where images are stored.

Right click on the image's name and select Copy Link Address. Now, insert the copied link address into your navigation.

On the first menu item level, the image is rendered with a gradient, mixing the transition between the image and the color of the menu. This image will be displayed for the whole expanded sub-menu.

On the second menu item level, the images are displayed above the menu points. The images will be displayed as squares with rounded edges.

Add images to your menu

To add an image to your menu, click on the image button when hovering over the correct menu item.

Enter the URL of your image and click confirm.

Remove images

To remove an image, click on the image you wish to remove and click on the Remove button.

This content was last updated on 03/31/2022.

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