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Profile Macro

The default view mode shows all fields that your admin has configured

The user profile macro is a preinstalled Confluence macro which we overwrite to display additional information about a user. It displays all fields that the administrator explicitly marked for display in the vCard.

You can choose between view mode "default" and "custom":

  • default: Uses fields configured by your administrator.
  • custom: Uses custom fields from the macro configuration.

Configure Profile Macro

You can define what should be shown in the default Profile Macro and the vCards. To do this go to the Confluence Administration and select the Linchpin User Profiles Profile Editor. Now switch to the tav vCard. Here you can switch between the Contact and Information modes.

The Contact mode shows all information defined in the Contact area in the Profile fields tab.

The Information mode shows all profile fields, that have the option In vCard set.

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