Professional and admin training with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Impart wiki know-how in a systematical and practical way

It’s our goal, to train you and your colleagues in a systematical and practical way: Our wiki workshops are held by competent wiki consultants, who know Confluence based on their extensive experience in this business, sometimes even supported by IT-Experts from the //SEIBERT/MEDIA/SYSTEMS department. In small groups we impart a well-founded, theoretical basis and always keep an eye on your individual company reality and your specific use cases. Furthermore, we are happy to provide training material in form of professional articles, presentations and video tutorials, that may prove to be valuable for the company later on. That is how we create added value for our customers.

Because every company has different needs, we think it is reasonable not to conduct our professional and admin trainings in a rigid way, but to involve our customers in planning and design of the workshops: Are you interested in an overview of the administration of the wiki? Or do you see any lack of knowledge in your company, that should be fixed? Is there any special focus on security questions in your wiki? 

We split the training material in compact blocks, that may take between 5 - 45 minutes, from which you can individually assemble your agenda.

Content of the admin workshop

The content of the admin workshop is based on a modular design. You can assemble the appropriate topics on your own. Of course you can also just book single elements of a module and make your own suggestions for topics. We are flexible!

  •  Module C1 - Application Administration
    • C1-1 Documentation and useful links
    • C1-2 The Administration Console
    • C1-3 Space-Administration
    • C1-4 Permissions
    • C1-5 User-Management
  • Module C2 - System Management
    • C2-1 Architecture of Confluence
    • C2-2 Administration under Linux
    • C2-3 Administration under Windows
    • C2-4 Confluence Upgrades
    • C2-5 Confluence Backup
  • Module C3 - Special Topics
    • C3-1 Cloning of an Instance
    • C3-2 Confluence Security
    • C3-3 Monitoring
    • C3-4 Performance-tuning
    • C3-5 Confluence Clustering (High Availability and High Performance)
  • Module C4 - Integration in other Systems
    • C4-1 Linking to a Central User Management (LDAP, Active Directory)
    • C4-2 Single Sign On (SSO)
    • C4-3 Microsoft SharePoint

To whom the professional and admin trainings are addressed 

IT employees

… who are responsible for administrative maintenance and security. We impart many practical tips that show you how to optimally integrate the wiki in an existing IT infrastructure, how Single Sing On and LDAP linking works and how you update the system or add plugins, etc.

Managers and employees

… who have the feeling, that a wiki can do more than simply increase efficiency and collaboration within the system and want to make best use of the wiki. We will make you fit for working with space concepts, wiki forms, evaluation functions, versioning, macros and plugins, etc.

Wiki Garderners

… who look after the content and have to know how to efficiently deal with documents and spaces, add users and manage groups, work with revisions and embed parts of a document in others, configure e-mail notifications, etc.

Members of the workers council

… who want to ensure that compliance requirements are protected and the wiki is used as a productive tool and not to monitor the employees. We show you how to configure permissions and evaluation modules accordingly.

Exemplary calculations for a realization

Running workshops with //SEIBERT/MEDIA is easy and uncomplicated. We completely meet your needs. Every workshop is individual. The calculation will match your specific requirements:





Preparation of the workshop and evaluation of your requirements

We have extensive experience in conducting workshops and prepared agenda and workshop content. On the one hand, the amount of possible content is so high, that we cannot cover everything. On the other hand it is important to match the content with the requirements of the participants. We have prepared an extensive questionnaire, which we will send you in advance. Additionally, we will speak with you about goals, scope and content of the workshop. It is an important basis for a useful and qualitative workshop. Many of our customers have additional questions, concepts and other documentation, that they would like to include in the workshop. We evaluate this content prior to the workshop and intend to integrate it in the workshop as well as possible.

300 USD (1.5 h) 600 USD (3 h)1,200 USD (6 h)

Conducting the Workshop 

Workshops are always conducted by experienced //SEIBERT/MEDIA consultants. Depending on the target group and their experience, we have colleagues in strategic, programming or system administrative areas, who can lead the workshop. The workshop can be at your location or via remote desktop sharing session (via WebEx or TeamViewer). Please keep in mind that workshops on site should not take longer than 6 hours per work day. We have made the experience, that longer workshops are exhausting for all participants and can be unproductive for your team. We offer extensive training programs over several days with overnight stay. Remote sessions should last no longer than 2-3 hours.

400 USD (2h)1,200 USD (6 h)2,400 USD (12 h)

Additional costs of the workshop

Our regulations for travel expenses are very customer oriented. When purchasing two full workshop days, you will not be charged any travel expenses. For shorter workshops, we will share our travel expenses with you.

individual individualindividual 


Please note, that additional 20% project management services may apply where required. However, pure workshops don’t require project management services.

700 USD 1,800 USD3,600 USD

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.


Request free of charge and non-binding!

Send a request and arrange a non-binding initial meeting. We are looking forward to your message.

More on Wiki presentations and workshops.

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