In numerous presentations, workshops and talks we collected topics and documents, that help us to deliver useful and exciting talks. There is no shortage of well-prepared topics on company wikis. But the question remains, what would be most interesting for you and your audience.

What topics should be dealt with in your talk?

Basic knowledge and strategy

In this chapter we focus on theoretical and motivational aspects of wikis. A successful company wiki is influenced by the factors organisation, culture, and technology. In this chapter we focus especially on organisation and culture of a company wiki. 

  • Wikis? Please explain the basics of what a wiki is and how it works. (5 minutes)
  • Video-Tutorial: Show us the introductory film ‘Wikis in plain English’ (3 minutes)
  • What for? Show us the possible applications of a wiki. (10 minutes)
  • Aims? Benefits? Strategies? Inform us extensively about effects and strategies of a wiki introduction with a presentation. (45 minutes)
  • Fast Track Strategy: Lets just click through the presentation to bring everyone to the same level. (15-20 minutes)
  • Wiki-Persona: Show us with the help of Wiki-Persona how we convince wiki-sceptics. (10 minutes)
  • Experiences with other companies: Show us why other companies introduced wikis. (15 minutes)
  • Individualisation of design: Explain why wiki designs are relevant (interface, print master, PDF export). (15 minutes)
  • Activation of employees: How can we thrill our employees to use the wiki independently? (20 minutes)
  • Research sources on the web: Show us where we can find further information about wikis that are provided by you and other vendors. (15 minutes)

The sum of all elements mentioned above is 2 hours and 38 minutes.

Wiki services and offers

  • Self-presentation: Briefly present //SEIBERT/MEDIA. (5 minutes)
  • Wiki references: Show us wiki references (also see wiki designs) and name reference customers with the required contact information. (10 minutes)
  • Explain the orientation offer: Please explain your example-offer, to make budget planning easier for us. (10 minutes)
  • Budget planning: We are happy to assist you with budget planning and give advice. Furthermore we are able to share our experiences we have made with other companies. (10 minutes)

 The sum of all elements mentioned above is 15 minutes.

Wiki-software and technology

  • Open source: Explain the difference between open source software (e.g. MediaWiki) and proprietary software (e.g. Confluence). (5 minutes)
  • Confluence vs. Foswiki: What’s the difference between Confluence and Foswiki? (5 minutes)
  • Uniform Logins: How does the matching with our network users work? What has to be done? (5 minutes)

 The sum of all elements mentioned above is 15 minutes.

Learn more about possible topics of a Wiki-admin training workshop

Presentation of Confluence resp. Foswiki

  • Basic navigation elements: Overview page, wiki sections, latest changes, search engine, browsing. (10 minutes)
  • Create and edit a page: Create a new page and edit it with the Rich-Text-Editor. (5 minutes)
  • Auditing acceptability: The page history allows a maximum of control for the author as well as a maximum of freedom for all employees. (5 minutes)
  • Save and protect documents: We show you how to protect documents or even whole areas in the wiki. (5 minutes)
  • Import content from a Word document: A demonstration how easy it is to import content from a Word document. (5 minutes)
  • Use existing documents: A demonstration how easy it is to display documents directly in Confluence. (15 minutes)
  • Example: Meeting agenda & protocol - we show you how to prepare, run and evaluate wiki meetings. (5 minutes)
  • Example: Project management - we show you how you and your colleagues always keep track of your projects. (5 minutes)
  • Office-Connector: How you can edit and save documents directly in the wiki. Full integration of Microsoft Word and Open office. (10 minutes)
  • Picture gallery:  That’s how easy it is to show pictures of events and products in the wiki. (5 minutes)
  • Hierarchy tree: How to structure pages in Confluence. (5 minutes)
  • Internal reporting: How you can bring reports to life. Instead of dead PDF documents your evaluations will live in a wiki. (5 minutes)
  • Online diagrams: How you can create process sequences, flowcharts, network infrastructures, wireframes, and drawings in Confluence with the help of the plugin. (10 minutes)
  • Widgets: How you can add multimedia content to your wiki. (5 minutes)
  • Internal messages and weblogs: How your colleagues design their own newsletter together in the wiki and exchange views on the latest news. (5 minutes)
  • Monitoring of external news pages with RSS feeds. That’s how you monitor your competitors and display relevant news in your wiki. (10 minutes)
  • Installation of plugins: It’s very easy to install plugins through the admin-interface in Confluence. We demonstrate it with the help of the workflow plugin. (5 minutes)
  • Workflows: How you can control the process sequences of content creation and publication. (10 minutes)

The sum of all elements mentioned above is 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Process-model, analyses and pre-study

  • Stimulate the content creation: We have a list of ideas of possible content for your wiki. We can talk about it together.
  • Wiki empowerment: Find cultural definitions. Avoid conflicts.
  • Define agency-tasks: You decide which tasks //SEIBERT/MEDIA undertakes for you. We created a specifications sheet for operationalising.
  • Your aim for the wiki: Define a major and ambitious aim.
  • Focus: Prioritise fields of application and use cases.
  • Pilot projects: The first step towards a popular wiki.
  • Organisational steps: Define roles / incentives? / get the works committee involved / data security / compliance / define tasks for the IT department
  • Technical integration: Which system for what? / differentiation from the intranet? /  differentiation from DMS? / differentiation from Microsoft Sharepoint?
  • Decision paper: Together with you, we create a presentation and a whitepaper that matches the needs and requirements of the company and convinces the decision makers.

 We cannot estimate the overall duration due to very individual and company-specific circumstances.

Inquire free of charge and without commitment!

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For further information read Wiki presentations and workshops.

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