At Summit 2019, Atlassian announced new features for Atlassian Cloud. The new features for Cloud Premium and extended support for up to 10,000 users will most certainly be an attractive offer for enterprise companies who are interested in the Atlassian Cloud tools (these might even be convincing arguments to switch from Server to Cloud).

Starting with Linchpin Community, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has developed their first Cloud app for the Atlassian Marketplace.

Many asked us at Summit if there’s a Cloud version of our Linchpin Intranet Suite. Although at that time we had to answer these questions with “No”, we have now started bringing our solution to the Atlassian Cloud. Of course, this will take some time, especially for the more complex use cases that Linchpin Intranet covers in the Server version today. Some features may not even be technically possible in Cloud (it’s a different software product, after all), and we may find we can’t implement them.

We want to get feedback from the market as soon as possible, that’s why we plan to work iteratively. We’d like to invite a group of customers to share their thoughts about and requirements for Linchpin in Confluence Cloud.

Please sign up if you are interested in Linchpin Hey or want to be kept up to date. We will share our concepts and ideas with you and invite you be a part of our beta testing panel.

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