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This page is a collection of feature wishes and requirements that //SEIBERT/MEDIA has for Atlassian to improve the Atlassian Cloud.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA has invested significant efforts in the past years to establish a strong offering in the Atlassian Marketplace. Our investments in for Confluence Cloud and for Jira Cloud were early on and pretty "painful". We are setting out to implement our Linchpin intranet set of apps available for Server in Cloud over the next several months (and years). We've started with a microblogging app that we call Linchpin Communities, that will shortly be available as our first Linchpin Cloud app. From the pain we have experienced in implementing this app for Confluence Cloud we've come up with the following requests for Atlassian.

Feature wishes & use cases (in the box)

The following requests come from our current experiences in implementing an app in Atlassian Cloud. This is derived from the current platform:

Authentication to mention users

With Community Cloud, we want to enable people to communicate with each other. We intend to extend communication mainly within a project, but also within any group of people. So every community is bound to one Confluence instance and maybe one particular space, perhaps one that hosts the documentation of their project. This is slightly different to chat: whereas a chat is more transient and short-lived, our community discussions form part of the project documentation and posts in such a community live longer. To support good networking within a community, it must be possible to mention other people or groups and send notifications. These notifications can be live or asynchronous via email. We also want to offer a mobile app which offers a login to the Atlassian Cloud and provides fully-featured communication functionality, just like the desktop browser.

Contextual discussion display with an extensible sidebar

With Community Cloud, we want to enable people to discuss topics alongside project documentation, status reports or even answer questions. To be able to connect people and different aspects of a project, we want to offer a discussion platform next to the actual Confluence content like pages or blog posts. Next to the content we want to display a sidebar to allow users to hold a discussion in context on the side.

Notifications inside Confluence Cloud

With Community Cloud, we want people to be able to share knowledge. And we want to inform them about news posts. So it would be great to show a notification inside the Confluence Cloud instance when there are new posts available for the user.

Testing UI integration of our apps

The development speed due to the clunky and manual integration with the Atlassian Cloud UI. Today we have to (1) host the application, (2) create a Confluence Cloud instance, (3) have an Atlassian user account, (4) enable the dev mode on that instance and (5) install our app into that instance and finally (6) open the action or find the menu item that our app offers. This is a very slow approach to develop and test our application integration. It is nearly impossible to automate this testing procedure. We are used to writing UI tests to ensure full feature correctness of our apps on Confluence Server.

Thinking outside the box (headless apps / microservices)

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is a company with 150 employees. We have 35 full time developers working on Linchpin today. We'd welcome a higher degree of freedom and extensibility of the Atlassian Cloud that is currently not available in such a limiting development environment that Atlassian offers today for Atlassian Cloud. So we'd be love to see opportunities to use Atlassian Cloud as "headless applications" within our own environment or even as "microservices". This would be an inverted model, where Atlassian would only offer core features like a "rich text editor" (from Confluence) or "issue management" (from Jira) and we'd implement this in our own apps both in the web and on mobile use cases.

This area needs more work and thought from our side. We plan to offer an MVP approach and will include other wishes. Feel free to subscribe to this page to stay in the loop as changes occur.

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