So there are no misunderstandings right from the start: Your Atlassian licenses will still function, even if you decide not to extend your license or support period. With your initial license purchase you have an unlimited right of use for the software. A license renewal is just a “maintenance agreement” or "support" renewal. However, continuing to have a valid maintenance agreement is important for two reasons.

No updates without a valid maintenance agreement

Without a valid maintenance agreement, you can not update the software. Like any other software developer, Atlassian releases new versions of its software regularly. These updates fix bugs, add security enhancements, and integrate new features. If you don’t update your system regularly, you will work with an outdated version which may contain security holes and will not provide access to major new and useful features. Updates are only available when you hold a valid license, and a renewed maintenance agreement counts as a valid license.

No support without a valid maintenance agreement

Customers with valid licenses can use Atlassian's support services. Atlassian provides several services to customers to get support when they have any questions or encounter problems with their software. More information about Atlassian's free support services. If you no longer have a valid license via the valid maintenance agreement, you can no longer take advantage of this support. Please note: //SEIBERT/MEDIA provides support as well, and we are happy to help you with any questions regarding your Atlassian software. Please be aware that our services are fee-based.

We encourage all of our customers to renew their Atlassian licenses. Important: Renewing is only 50% of the initial license price.

When should or can I renew my license?

We will notify you approximately 3 months before your license expires (when you have purchased your current license through //SEIBERT/MEDIA). You can extend your license earlier and the extension will seamlessly continue after the your first license period ends. You can also extend your license after the original license expires. However, this starting date for the renewal is retroactive - it is applied from the date on which your initial license expired. Therefore, an extension only makes sense if you renew your license within one year after your initial license has expired. Otherwise you would have to pay the same price as for a new license purchase.

What if I want to upgrade the user tier of my license?

Upgrading a user license tier is different to extending your support and maintenance period. This upgrade increases the number of users, therefore your new license contract starts with the day you purchase the upgrade. If you are within your valid license period, and an upgrade is not absolutely necessary, we advise you to wait until your current support period ends. Of course, there are discounts for purchasing upgrades - you don't have to pay the same price as the initial licenses.

Initial, renewal and upgrade prices can be found here:

Don't want to renew?

If you don’t want to renew your license, you will no longer be able to update your software. But you will always have access to the latest version that was available on the day that your license expired.

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