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Atlassian Licenses FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers

This website covers the most common questions on the licensing of Atlassian products. If you have a questions, that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us any time. We are happy to help you.

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1. Costs, Discounts, and Tests

1.1 How much do Atlassian products cost?

See all of the information about the pricing of Atlassian products here in our Knowledge Base. If you want to find out more about Atlassian third-party apps, have a look at our apps and use case library.

1.2 Are the products also available in Cloud?

If you prefer a cloud-based use of Atlassian products, there are different possibilities. Jira and Confluence can be purchased with Cloud directly from Atlassian, pricing is available on the Atlassian website. Before you decide for an Atlassian Cloud product, read about the pros and cons of Cloud here. In addition //SEIBERT/MEDIA offers a cloud-based model called SWIFT for Jira and Confluence. The great advantage of SWIFT in contrast to Atlassian Cloud lies in the full access to the administration account.

1.3 Is it possible to get a quotation or invoice in a different currency than USD?

//SEIBERT/MEDIA also invoices in euros or Australian dollars. The amount may differ depending on the daily EUR/USD or AUD/USD exchange rate on the date when licenses are purchased.

1.4 Are there discounts on Atlassian products?

Atlassian itself doesn’t offer any discounts on their products to commercial companies. The aim is to offer the applications at the best prices and to deal with all customers on an equal basis. But we do offer many benefits to customers who purchase Atlassian licenses through //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

1.5 Are there discounts for public and non-profit institutions?

There are no special discounts for public institutions other than educational institutions where academic licenses apply. Furthermore, you can purchase a classroom license, if you want to use Atlassian products in the context of running a training course as a teacher. Finally, Atlassian supports non-profit institutions with free community licenses.

1.6 How are licenses taxed?

If you purchase Atlassian licenses via //SEIBERT/MEDIA, you will receive an invoice including tax following tax law requirements in Germany / USA.

1.7 Can I try a product for free before I pay for it?

Yes, you can try all Atlassian products for free and without any commitment for a period of 30 days. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is pleased to assist you with the evaluation. You can generate your own test instances at Test instances are fully operational and contain everything found in the licensed products.

Do you need additional time? Atlassian also offers extensions of test instances, so that you can be sure before you make your decision. 

2. Order, Payment, and Provision of Licenses

2.1 Can I get a quotation?

Use this online form to ask for a quote and you'll receive it shortly afterwards by email. You can also call us on +1-800-853-4630

2.2 Do I get a order number?

You will receive an invoice according to German or USA tax policies (depending from which country you ordered), containing an invoice number, customer number, and the itemized licenses you have purchased.

2.3 How does the ordering process with //SEIBERT/MEDIA work?

Just request a quote and we will contact you quickly to talk about your needs. After you have agreed to the offer, //SEIBERT/MEDIA will procure the licenses from Atlassian and send you the license key via email. Source files (if available) will be downloadable after this point.. When purchasing your licenses with //SEIBERT/MEDIA you are not required to have a credit card, as opposed to purchasing directly with Atlassian. You can pay your invoice by check or money transfer. 

2.4 How will the product be shipped? Do I get a CD-ROM or a shrink-wrapped product?

Atlassian uses electronic software deployment to deliver purchased software. Therefore your software will only be available as download. Atlassian does not sell any software on CD or DVD, or as a shrink-wrapped product. Because all commercial and academic licenses qualify for an update and support within the time frame of 12 months, electronic software deployment ensures you always get the most recent release.

2.5 Is it necessary to reinstall the software after purchasing the licenses?

No, a reinstall is not necessary. You can simply register the license to your software by letting the administrator copy the purchased license key to ‘License Details’ in the administration area.

2.6 What payment methods are accepted and what are the terms of payment?

//SEIBERT/MEDIA accepts all usual payment methods. You don’t have to pay with credit card over the internet: You will receive an invoice according to German or USA tax policies with a payment deadline of 14 days. This makes it easy for you to check the licenses first and pay afterwards.

2.7 Why is the payment deadline just 14 days?

We pay Atlassian for your licenses in advance and can request a refund within 30 days. To ensure everything goes smoothly, we request acceptance and payment from customers within 2 weeks.

2.8 Can I refund or exchange a purchased product?

Yes, you can ask for reimbursement up to 30 days from the day of ordering. You can also exchange your commercial or academic product for another one. After 30 days, exchange and returns are not longer possible, and standard prices apply for any upgrades conducted after that period. Please note: The revenues from initial licenses are donated to charities, therefore an exchange or return is excluded. In case you want to exchange or return your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reimbursement for products hosted by Atlassian is only possible within the first month after the evaluation period. After the first month has been billed and paid, Atlassian no longer offers an exchange or return.

3. Upgrades

3.1 How high are the costs for upgrading my software licences?

All costs concerning upgrades can be found on our license portal page and our Atlassian app and use case library.

3.2 How can I order a software upgrade?

You can order an upgrade for the different versions and user tiers of Atlassian products at anytime with //SEIBERT/MEDIA. Just contact us and provide us with all of the details of the products you want to upgrade. After the ordering process is finalized, we will obtain the licenses from Atlassian for you, and then send you the new license keys, information and download links via email. You will receive an invoice according to German or U.S.A. tax policies with a payment deadline of 14 days. This makes it easy for you to test the licenses first and pay afterwards.

3.3 When does the Atlassian software maintenance for upgrades start?

Your 12 month software maintenance period starts on the day that payment is received by Atlassian, and this new period replaces any previously active software maintenance periods for those particular products. Previous maintenance periods that were not complete are not applied to your new purchase - an upgrade is treated as a new license key purchase, with a fresh maintenance period. This is important in the case where you start with a smaller pilot and want to switch to a higher license tier soon after. If you had the smaller license tier only for 2 months and then decide to upgrade, you will loose 10 months of paid-for support. We therefore recommend that you consider this when purchasing or upgrading, and use your support and maintenance period in full.

4. Software maintenances (support and updates)

4.1 What is software maintenance?

Software maintenance gives you access to all updates for your product as well as support by Atlassian. All commercial and academic licenses include a 12 month support period (starting with the day of purchase).

4.2 When does my software maintenance start?

  • Purchase of a new license: Your 12 month maintenance period starts with the day of the payment received.
  • Renewal of a software maintenance: Your 12 month software maintenance starts with the day on which the prior maintenance expires, no matter when the extension was made.
  • Upgrade: Your 12 month software maintenance starts with the day of payment entrance and replaces all active maintenance periods of the upgraded license.

4.3 Can I get more then 12 month maintenance?

You can purchase a maximum of 3 years software maintenance per license. Please note that the 3 years contain the first year that comes with the purchase, that means you can extend the maintenance for another 2 years.

4.4 What happens after the first 12 months? Can I continue using the software without valid software maintenance?

After the first 12 months your software maintenance will expire and you will lose access to support and updates. A renewal happens only at your request and can be concluded in advance to ensure a continuous access to support and updates. The renewed software maintenance starts with the day on which the prior maintenance expires, no matter when the extension was purchased.

Yes, you can use your software without valid software maintenance. All commercial and academic Server licenses are unlimited, so that you can use them without a time limit. However, we certainly recommend purchasing continuous software maintenance, because otherwise you risk serious stability, security and/or performance issues occurring in the medium term. We've outlined all the reasons to renew your Atlassian licenses here

4.5 How much does a renewal of the software maintenance cost?

We've outlined the costs for a renewal or extension of the support and maintenance period here. Usually the extension is only half the price of the initial license. The renewal of the software maintenance starts with the day on which the prior maintenance expires, no matter when the extension was made. Therefore you can only take advantage of this half-price offer if you extend within the first year of the original support period. Otherwise you will have to pay the same amount as for a new license.

4.6 Is it possible to match the software maintenance periods of all my licenses?

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to synchronize your maintenance periods. This is technically not offered by Atlassian or third-party suppliers. However, //SEIBERT/MEDIA will always inform you about soon-to-expire support periods.

5. Licensing

5.1 How are the users of an Atlassian license counted? Is it a named user or a concurrent user model?

Everybody that has login rights to your Atlassian instance counts as a user. Any named user with these rights will count toward the user tier, whether they are currently logged in or not. The licensing tier model of Atlassian is not based on users that share accounts (concurrent users).

5.1.1 I just need 30 authors in Confluence. Do I really have to buy the 100 user license?

Yes, Atlassian licenses are based on tiers. This means you pay a fixed price for a certain user contingent. If you need more users, you have to purchase the next contingent with more users, no matter how big the step to the next tier is.

5.1.2 Can I purchase two 25 user licenses instead of a 100 user license?

No, in every Atlassian system only one license can be applied. You can overwrite an old license with a new one but you can't combine them.

5.1.3 The license costs are too high or otherwise undesirable. How can I “save” users?

Anonymous users
There are several ways to set up fewer users in Confluence. One example is using an “anonymous user account”. This means the user is a standard guest user and is not not logged in. This user can have rights assigned to them like any other user. Therefore the anonymous users can read, write, comment, and even be a user depending on the permissions set in your instance. But the anonymous user can not be not personalized. As an example: In this wiki, any guest can comment. In a community-wiki, guests may even be able to modify content.

Shared users
Your users can be imported automatically in Confluence via an Active Directory group. You can also create new users manually in Confluence. Manually created users can be used concurrently by an unlimited number of people at the same time. This practice although it is technically feasible, is probably questionable under the software terms (EULA).

5.1.4 Doesn’t this “saving” of users violate the license terms?

It is within the discretion of the software developer to allow or prohibit this approach. At the moment, these two approaches are technically possible and not blocked by Atlassian. In some cases, they are even recommended. We advise customers who want to save license costs to eventually make use of these approaches.

5.1.5 Why shouldn’t I just buy a 10 USD license and let all employees work anonymously?

Many users want to be recognized for the knowledge they possess and share. Having named uses increases engagement, and ensures staff are more comfortable using the software. Where anonymous users are required for budgetary reasons, participation decreases noticeably. Furthermore, personalization based on user profile information makes the software more useful - email notifications, personalized dashboards and content, and many other advantages. This is not possible with shared and anonymous accounts.

Our advice: Don’t save on license costs, but allow every employee to have their own, personal user account.

5.1.6 Should I buy a license for all employees immediately?

No. We suggest you roll the software out gradually with a pilot project. During this period, we recommend you use an anonymous user account for all employees so they can get familiar with accessing and writing content. At the beginning, only the pilot group needs personal user accounts. That’s why even big companies start with a 10 USD license. Naturally, you should not increase your license tier gradually and over time because you have to pay 20% up front for the extension. But it does make sense to license in two steps, for example, when 100 and then 500 employees want to actively contribute to the wiki.

If you have a company with 5000 employees and just 90 active authors, you can let the others contribute and access the information as anonymous users without additional license costs. This also impacts license costs of any apps you want to use.

5.1.7 And on a long-term basis? A license for all employees?

Yes, definitely. You should budget for that at least. It is not uncommon for us to see that Confluence establishes itself in a company quickly, where all employees want to engage personally with their colleagues in the system. For this, the easiest and quickest way is to provide a personal user account for everybody. That’s one of the foundations for a successful system. But not all systems are successfully introduced on the first attempt. That’s one reason why we recommend you don't start by purchasing the full user tier beforehand.

5.2 Are additional licenses required, if the software is installed on a server multiple times?

Yes, separate licenses are required for each individual instance. Every license authorizes commercial companies just to a single installation of the software.

5.3 What is the Confluence Additional Node?

The Confluence Additional Node license lets you run several copies of Confluence as a cluster. The Confluence Additional Node License has to be purchased in combination or in addition to a Confluence 2000 User or Confluence 2000+ User license.

5.4 Are additional licenses required, if the software is installed on a development server or a work server for test purposes?

No. IT staff can generate a Developer License for testing purposes. This license can be used by holders of commercial or academic licenses for testing and development. You can use this license for non-product-related installations on a cold standby server. This license will be provided free-of-charge. The date of expiration of the Developer License is the date of expiration of your product license.

IT staff can generate this key by following these steps:

1. Log in to
2. Click on the plus sign to expand the license details by the license you want generate a key for.
3. In the details click on “View Developer License”.
4. Read the agreement on the Developer License.
5. Click on “View” to confirm.
6. A license key is generated. Transfer this key via copy & paste to your server.

You can generate more than one key, for example if you use separate servers for research, development and quality assurance. We are happy to help you create keys for Developer Licenses.

5.5 How can I create a new Evaluation License?

//SEIBERT/MEDIA would be pleased to provide you with a Evaluation License for your test system at short notice. If you want to create the key on your own, go to your account at, click on “New Evaluation License” and follow the instructions.

5.6 Do I always need the same number of users for a Jira or Confluence license when purchasing apps?

Almost all of the apps are tied to the same number of users in the Jira or Confluence instance.  Read more about the dependencies of Atlassian and app licenses.

6. End User License Agreement

6.1 Our legal department wants to make some changes to the End User License Agreement (EULA). Is this ok?

See the Atlassian EULA for more details.

6.2 The EULA gives Atlassian publishing rights. What does it mean? How can we change this?

Atlassian lists some reference customers on its corporate website. If you don’t want to be mentioned by Atlassian, please tell us when your purchase. We make sure Atlassian is aware of this and ensure that your company is not mentioned at any time.

6.3 The End User License Agreement is supported by the laws for New South Wales, Australia which is therefore the place of jurisdiction. How can we change this?

See the Atlassian EULA for more details.

7. Customer Support and Professional Assistance

7.1 Do I get access to the source code? What customer-specific changes can be made to the code?

The entire source code for commercial and academic licenses for Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Crowd and SharePoint Connector is publicly available to your chosen IT representative. The JSP source code of Crucible and Fisheye will be provided to licence holders of commercial or academic licenses.

Within the provision of the license agreements it is permitted to modify the source code, fix errors, make customer-specific modifications, and develop additional features. However, Atlassian products are proprietary: License holders are not allowed to embed or integrate the source code or parts of it in any other application.

7.2 Are there any training courses for Atlassian products?

Yes, //SEIBERT/MEDIA offers professional training courses for numerous Atlassian products in the form of workshops, online and certification training courses. Content and scope will be adjusted to your specific requirements.

7.3 Does Atlassian have a professional service team that can assist me with on-site training, implementation and user settings for the software?

Atlassian doesn’t provide such services. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is a perfect partner, having offered these services since 1996. We provide professional support that covers all aspects of implementing, configuring and launching Atlassian products. We are happy to help you with evaluation, strategy planning, design customization, configuration, and implementation of the Atlassian system as well as the systematic introduction within teams or the entire company including user training and engagement strategies.

7.4 Can I request a feature?

Yes. As an Atlassian customer you can affect the development of Atlassian products:

1. Vote for an existing issue: Atlassian provides a public Jira instance where you can make requests (for example features, bugs, etc.). Every time Atlassian plans to release an update, the most popular issues are reviewed. You can increase the probability of an existing issue being selected for implementation in the next version of the software if you vote for it. Search for issues via the toolbar option “Find issue”, view the relevant issues and click “Vote for it”.

2. Create your own issue: If a related issue does not exist, you can make a new request. Select “Create a new issue” (\!default.jspa), define the respective project (Jira or Confluence), choose either “Feature request” or “Bug”, then fill in the details.

3. Customize the source code: As a part of the license agreement all academic and commercial license holders of Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and Crowd get full access to the source code. With this access you can customize the entire application, so that even the most complicated environment requirements can be met.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1 Are Atlassian products open source?

No, Atlassian products are proprietary software. Academic and commercial license holders of Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and Crowd get full access to the source code of their licensed software so they can customize it. The JSP source code of Crucible and Fisheye will be provided to licence holders of commercial or academic licenses.

8.2 Who has access to the source code?

The entire source code is publicly available to the IT employee of your choice.

8.3 Do you have any further questions? Please contact us!

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form below.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is an official distribution partner of Atlassian. If you purchase Atlassian licenses through us, you have some advantages, such as additional German support to the unlimited support of Atlassian. In addition, we carry out individual consultations and you will receive an invoice from us, when you purchase a license, according to German tax regulations. 

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