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This is a page for our Linchpin and partners. We will prepare contents on this page until September 11th for the AddOn-Discovery Day 2017 in San Jose.

Linchpin Mobile

Linchpin Touch

The Background Story to Linchpin Mobile

  • Short introduction to Linchpin Intranet. De facto standard for company-wide intranets based on Confluence. Massive features (customized news, microblog, user profiles, etc.), beautiful design, standardized introduction method.

  • Introduction Video.

  • Missing mobile app as growing concern. Confluence mobile theme did the trick for a while, but customers’ voices asking for a dedicated mobile app grew louder and louder. A lot of RFI listed a mobile app as a must.

  • Atlassian came out with mobile app - for cloud. But Linchpin is for Server only, as of now, so that didn’t help us. We talked to Atlassian but they told us a mobile app for Server was still a long way down the road.

  • Plus, mobile app for cloud is not enough for intranet customers. It focuses on team collaboration and ignores the needs of enterprises using Confluence as an intranet for top-down communication and more rigid use cases.

  • Linchpin Mobile App in the making. So we decided to build our own mobile app, serving our Linchpin customers and giving them access to their Confluence and Linchpin specific content.

The Birth of a Mobile App

  • We did a requirements analysis. We found a master student who interviewed our customers and asked them what they expect from a mobile intranet app, managers as well as employees.

    • Chart from Lukas Pfeifer.

  • But what about BTF and network restrictions? Another major problem we were facing was restricted access to the network Confluence Server is running in when hosted behind the firewall. Hello Firescope.

    • The problem:

    • The solution:
  • Distribution via Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Or Mobile Device Management software like MobileIron, VMware AirWatch, etc. Plus you need the Confluence app which is not in the Atlassian Marketplace yet.

  • Authorization via QR code in your user profile. The Confluence app will add a QR code to the user profile in Confluence. The Mobile app asks you to scan the QR code to get access to Confluence from your mobile device.

Introducing: Linchpin Mobile App for Confluence

Live Demo introducing the following features:

  • News: View your corporate and personal news feeds. Corporate news are the news your company wants you to read, while the personal news feed can be configured by the individual user according to her needs.

  • Microblog: Have conversations with your colleagues, wether it's some chitchatting or some important announcements to be made.

  • Contacts: Search for your colleagues and email or call them.

  • Pages: View Confluence pages & blog posts and comment on them.

  • Lunch, custom integrations: Add use cases from other plugins, like we did with our "social lunch" integration.

How can you benefit from Linchpin Mobile?

  • Add it to your Linchpin deals. If you are already selling Linchpin projects, add Linchpin Mobile to your quotes and integrate it into your sales pitches to give users mobile access to their Confluence.

  • Use it as an entrance door to Linchpin for existing customers. If your customers are asking for a dedicated mobile app for Confluence Server, you can use Linchpin Mobile to position Linchpin as a full-fledged solution they should consider.

  • We can’t stop you from selling it as a stand-alone mobile app. Even if the Linchpin features are missing, Linchpin Mobile is still valuable and gives you the best mobile experience for Confluence Server you can have today.

  • Pricing. We’re still in an early access phase, not charging anything until it is out of beta, which we expect to happen in January 2018 at the latest. We’re aiming at 50-100% of the Confluence price.

  • You sell the app, and leave the technical stuff to us. Introducing Linchpin Mobile will require communication with the customer and a close interaction with their IT department. Setting up the MDM or introducing the Gateway Server, we’ll do it.

Marketing and Sales

Bonus: Linchpin Touch

  • Not everybody is working behind a desk. One problem with company-wide intranets is that not everybody has a computer and can access the intranet. And not every company loves BYOD. That’s where Linchpin Touch comes into play.

  • Linchpin Touch is a bulletin board version of Linchpin. It is designed to run on large touch screens in lobbies, galleys, etc. News and important content is on display in a loop. It can be manipulated by users via touch gestures.

  • It feeds the masses. Which is exactly what big companies want. Linchpin Touch is a simple way to reach the masses, i.e. each and every employee. Board members love it, employee representatives love it, workers love it.

  • It can replace traditional bulletin boards. And is thus a further step into the digital world. It’s a modern thing to do, but also an expensive thing to do. Because software costs the least here, big touch devices are expensive.

  • Look at it for yourself.

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