Preparation: Installing the Linchpin Mobile Confluence app

Before you can configure the Linchpin Mobile Gateway you need to install the current version of Linchpin Mobile in your Confluence instance.

Please have a look at Linchpin Mobile - Setup and Configuration: Linchpin Mobile Confluence App to get a detailed collection of prerequisites and a step-by-step installation guide. After completing the installation please proceed with the steps below on this page.

Configuring the Linchpin Mobile Gateway

Important: When connecting your Confluence to the Linchpin Mobile Gateway please make sure that there is a direct connection available (no proxy inbetween) and the Gateway target IP is allowlisted for outgoing HTTPS-connections (port 443) in your firewall.

1. Access the Gateway settings

Log on to your Confluence instance as an administrator.

Navigate in the administration area to the "Connection settings" menu item under the "Linchpin Mobile" category.

2. Select your preferred Gateway

From the dropdown menu select either the "//SEIBERT/MEDIA gateway service" if you intend to use our cloud-based service or "Custom gateway service" if you are using the on-site version of Linchpin Mobile Gateway.

2a. (Custom gateway service only) Enter gateway credentials

If you intend to connect Confluence to an on-site installation of the Linchpin Mobile Gateway you now have to enter the gateway credentials consisting of the URL and the secret.

3. Connect Confluence to the Gateway

You can now connect your Confluence instance to the selected Linchpin Mobile Gateway or run a connection test first. The connection test is able to detect problems when trying to establish a connection between your Confluence instance and the Linchpin Mobile Gateway.

4. Confirm changes to the Gateway settings

When changing the Gateway connection settings for your Confluence instance a confirmation prompt will show since all devices that have been using the Gateway before need to reauthenticate.

You need to confirm the prompt in order to finish establishing the connection with the Gateway.

5. Check Gateway connection

Your Confluence instance is now connected to the Linchpin Mobile Gateway. Please make sure that the "Connection status" is showing CONNECTED

If you have any issues connecting your Confluence to the Linchpin Mobile please check the Linchpin Mobile Knowledge Base.

What's next?

Finished setting up the Linchpin Mobile Gateway Service for your instance? Get started with registering devices for your users right away.

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