Linchpin Mobile is part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite and no longer available separately.

With Linchpin Mobile you can access your Confluence or Linchpin from anywhere and at any time -
experience modern collaboration on the go.

Find out how Linchpin Mobile can improve collaboration in your company, what configuration options you have and what requirements you need to meet.

Native mobile apps for iOS and Android

Offer your users the freedom and flexibility to access your company's intranet from anywhere, anytime. Linchpin Mobile supports most iOS and Android devices and can be installed quickly and easily from the App stores.

Finally reach employees who don't have a workstation

Many employees, especially the "blue collar workers" in production, do not yet have access to their own computer and thus also not to the intranet. With Linchpin Mobile, you give every employee access to important company news and the internal knowledge management platform - you can even use a bring-your-own-device strategy.

Seamless access to Confluence behind the firewall

The innovative Linchpin Mobile Gateway builds a secure bridge to your Confluence or Linchpin system behind your firewall and lets your authorized users easily access news, discussions, the employee directory and your Confluence knowledge base whenever they need to.

Customize Linchpin Mobile to meet your specific requirements

Linchpin Mobile consists of two required and three optional components that you can combine to get the most out of the product.

Basic setup

The basic setup includes the Linchpin Mobile Confluence app, which is installed via the Atlassian Marketplace in your Confluence instance, and the Linchpin Mobile device app, which runs on your mobile devices.

Linchpin Mobile device app

REQUIRED The Linchpin Mobile device app is one of the core components of Linchpin Mobile. It runs on your employees' mobile devices and displays company news, microblog posts or even Confluence content.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded free of charge from the official stores (iOS App Store or Google Play Store). To use the app with your iOS device you need version 10 or above, on Android, we support version 4.2 and above.

Learn more about the Linchpin Mobile device app

Linchpin Mobile Confluence app

REQUIRED The Linchpin Mobile Confluence app is the counterpart to the app for mobile devices. All communication between the Confluence instance and your employees' mobile devices is coordinated by this component.

This is a regular confluence app, which you install in your Confluence system via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Learn more about the Linchpin Mobile Confluence app

Optional Gateway package

You can take advantage of one of the optional gateway packages to give your users easy and secure access to systems behind a firewall.

Linchpin Mobile Gateway (Cloud)

OPTIONAL The Linchpin Mobile Gateway provides access to your Confluence system behind a firewall without the need to set up a VPN tunnel on every single mobile device. This Cloud option is operated by //SEIBERT/MEDIA in a data center in Germany and thus easy to use and secure. This option comes included with the Linchpin Intranet Suite and is available to all Linchpin Mobile customers.

Learn more about the Linchpin Mobile Gateway (Cloud)

Linchpin Mobile Gateway (on-site)

OPTIONAL The Linchpin Mobile Gateway provides access to your Confluence system behind a firewall without the need to set up a VPN tunnel on the mobile device. The on-site option is the best choice for large companies and requires an additional license (see Pricing). This gateway option allows you to operate it within your own infrastructure.

Learn more about the Linchpin Mobile Gateway (on-site)

Optional app branding package

You can also get a custom themed and branded app based on the features of Linchpin Mobile. Make your customized app available for iOS and Android to quickly and easily provide intranet access to all of your staff.

Customized app build

OPTIONAL Our optional app branding package offers you a customized app for your company based on the Linchpin Mobile featureset. You can choose the name and icon of your app, customize the onboarding process and also apply your Corporate Design scheme.

We then either submit your app for distribution in the official iOS and Android app stores or provide you with your custom build for internal deployment. Also we keep your custom app up-to-date as the development of Linchpin Mobile continues.

Learn more on what is possible and how to request a branded app

(warning) Please note: Linchpin Mobile only works with Confluence server and DataCenter instances. Confluence Cloud is not supported.

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