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Linchpin Mobile and the Linchpin Mobile Gateway are now available for Confluence Server instances.
See our pricing below and request your individual offer.

Initial Purchase

With your initial purchase of Linchpin Mobile you receive an unlimited license for the chosen user tier. Additionally you qualify for 12 months of product support and software updates.

After your support period is expired you have the option to extend it by another 12 months for 50% of the lincense's initial cost. For a detailed pricing see the table on the right.

Extend support period

After your included initial support period of 12 months is expired you can extend it by another 12 months. If you decide that way you will receive product support and software updates for another year.

Since we continually improve Linchpin Mobile by adding new features, fixing bugs and providing security updates we strongly recommend to make use of an extension of the support period for this product.

Upgrade your user tier

Every license upgrade qualifies you for 12 months of software updates and product support by //SEIBERT/MEDIA for Linchpin Mobile. If your support period is still valid at the date of upgrading your license the purchase will replace your previous support period.

Optional: Linchpin Mobile Gateway

The Linchpin Mobile Gateway provides mobile access to your company's intranet even if it is located behind a firewall (click here for more information). 

We do offer two variants of Linchpin Mobile Gateway: Hosted by //SEIBERT/MEDIA (in a german data center) or hosted on-site within your company's infrastructure. Linchpin Mobile Gateway can be licensed in addition to Linchpin Mobile:

Currency converter

Please use our currency converter to calculate the current Euro currency rate for the license of your choice.

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