Microblog (MB)

Create short and simple posts easily. The microblog can be integrated using the "Microblog" macro on any page (or the dashboard).

  • Every user can contribute, by writing microposts, and responding to other users' microposts.
  • It allows you to use many of the typical functions of the rich text editor: simple text formatting, inserting images, YouTube videos and some standard macros. You can also like posts and mention users using "@".
  • Microposts can be assigned to different predefined topics when they are created. These topics are associated with spaces and visibility can be controlled by the space's permissions. 
  • You can work with hashtags. These hashtags are treated like a page's keywords and, like the content of a micropost, can be searched using the global search function. 
  • The global timeline contains microposts from all topic spaces. In the macro settings, the timeline can be restricted to a specific topic or space, and the topic overview can be completely hidden if necessary.

Documentation: https://info.seibert-media.net/x/egBw

Enterprise News Bundle (ENB)

  • Show news items as cover stories (tiles) or display the corporate and personal newsfeeds.
  • You can create news sections, to which you can add news channels. These can then be personalized using a maximum of 3 profile criteria.
  • When a channel points to one space, all of the blog posts from that space will be displayed in that channel.
  • When integrating news as cover stories (tiles) or as a corporate or personal newsfeed, you can choose between different configuration options:
    • Cover Stories: Single news items, a combination of space + label (keyword), category(s) or news section.
    • Corporate newsfeed: category(s), one space/several spaces, or news section.
    • Personal Newsfeed: News based on specific space categories.

Documentation: https://info.seibert-media.net/x/gICC

Navigation Menu Editor (NME)

  • Create a completely flexible navigation menu with a maximum of three hierarchies, independent of the Confluence space structure.
  • Personalize the navigation by using profile criteria such as language, location, etc. Different users will see a different menu structure.
  • Assign administrator permissions to manage the navigation structure independently of the Confluence administrator permissions.

Documentation: https://info.seibert-media.net/x/jQBw

Profile Based Content (PBC)

  • Create content groups and define different pages for each group.
  • On each page, profile criteria such as language, location, etc. can be stored for personalization: the user sees the content that matches their profile data.
  • Works with the Excerpt macro to easily maintaining content and the Profile-Dependent Content macro for insertion/display.

Documentation: https://info.seibert-media.net/x/MoF9

App Center (AC)

  • Links to other (web) applications.
  • Maintain application links in the administration (categories, options for personalization based on a maximum of 3 profile fields).
  • Update app information with title, link, description, contact, key.
  • Apps can be recommended or mandatory; users cannot deselect mandatory apps; this can be personalized.
  • Links are displayed in the App Center or the Linchpin sidebar, and the user can select or deselect apps using the Edit icon.

Documentation: https://info.seibert-media.net/x/RQCN

Linchpin User Profiles (LUP)

  • Create new fields and categories (as a system administrator), which then appear in user profiles.
  • Option to define personalized starting spaces.
  • Simple organizational charts for each user.
  • LUP can be configured to prompt users to fill in certain mandatory profile fields after logging in (Profile Completion Wizard).
  • Using the Custom User Search macro, a search for specific profile fields can be embedded in a page ("Expert Search","People Search"). Also available from the Linchpin sidebar.
  • Using the Customized User List macro, a custom list of users can be included according to specific profile fields.

Documentation: https://info.seibert-media.net/x/cgBw

Terms of Use (TofU)

  • Define the terms of use, which must be accepted by each user when they first login or after each change made to the terms of use.

Documentation: https://infos.seibert-media.net/x/PgIiAQ

Duplicate Content Defender

  • Display a warning when creating new pages if a similar page title already exists.

Documentation: https://info.seibert-media.net/x/AoF9

Teaser boxes

  • Teaser boxes come with the theme as a macro.
  • Teaser boxes can be inserted with a "Teaser item" macro on any page.
  • You can define the color of the teaser box next to the header (title) in the macro settings.
  • You can insert a description into the macro's interior. Also, insert the link to the destination page here. The link itself will not be displayed in view mode. You can also insert an image.
  • The teaser box size will always be adjusted according to the available space.

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