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Every customer, who purchases an Atlassian license, can create another, so-called, developer license. This developer license is intended for the use in test systems, that are often installed parallel to the productive system, in order to test new features or prepare software updates. Atlassian provides a developer license for each commercially purchased license. 

To create a developer license, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to your Atlassian account at
  • After logging in, your licenses are shown.
  • Click the plus sign of the respective license and a window with meta data opens up.
  • On the right side, below the license code, you find an "execute" button with the command “view developer license”.
  • Click on it and a new developer license is created.
  • This developer license can be used for your test system.

Licenses of third party suppliers, that are purchased and administrated through the Marketplace, offer in most cases the same possibility of creating a developer license as described above. Developer licenses of third party suppliers, that are not purchased through the Marketplace, have to be obtained separately from the manufacturer.

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